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  1. Ok I have one question that is how would you notate a note ( Lets say G for two beats ) sliding up to E ( using the E string only ) then sliding back down to G all within the minum beat. The way I notated it was the minum note G followed by two slash lines after the note one going up to the E and the other directly underneath going down to the G.
    I`m not sure if this is correct probably not if anyone knows the correct way please help
  2. Sounds OK to me.
    It'd probably look a lot neater if you allow yourself a nice
    L O N G bar to put your notes in though. Otherwise your slashes will probably look a bit cramped and messy.
  3. Cool thanks thats all I needed to know :bassist:
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    the way i always see it done is to have a squigly line btween the notes(diagonaly touching each note)