NTD: Tablet display size comparison

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    Apr 30, 2007
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    I've been using a 9.7" Android tablet for the last year and a half to store and read PDFs of fake books. I've also been using it to read sheet music with a foot pedal to facilitate hands free page turns. While that's super handy for playing musicals, the relatively small size has been taxing my aging eyes. Best Buy had Hanspree 13.3" tablets on sale and I could resist springing for one. The increase in size is most welcome.


    This photo shows the difference between a letter-size piece of paper, a 13.3" tablet, and a 9.7" (iPad size) tablet. It turns out the 13.3" page is roughly 85% of actual size and the 9.7" page is roughly 65% of actual size. The 13.3" is a tad porky so I'll probably only use it on reading gigs. For chord chart gigs, I'll most likely stick with the 9.7".