O God here it comes again... High C Heavy 5 string set?

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  1. I like to Drop tune but I want to be able to use EADGC still am looking at this time 110, 90, 75, 55 or 50 and last 35 for the C. Good set up for should I go a bit lighter?

    i know you all are getting tried of my consent random thoughts about this as well but just wounding what your thoughts because am a noob.

    (On this same note if I need to get to low B or lower I have my six string bass for that job) The Benefits of being the type of person that has a bass for eve thing.:bag: Its like a women and there shoes. lol
  2. 75 is crazy heavy for a D string.
  3. ok 110 90 70 55 35 then?
  4. sirplabassalot


    Dec 31, 2012
    sounds better!
  5. That's better I think, I'd also probably bump up the low E to a 120. 110 is pretty light compared to the rest of those.
  6. I thought about just lower the strings
  7. Yeah if you drop tune I'd get an extra heavy E like 125.
  8. Thrillhouse

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    Jan 21, 2009
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    I use Roto 77s on my bass and they are 50 75 95 110 and they are flats so they feel even stiffer and I don't think the D is too heavy at all. In fact, I am trying to custom match a set of flats to 55 75 95 115. I also have a very heavy attack and play near the neck so I like that extra tension. I guess I'm saying if it feels right to you, then go for it. As long as you have a sturdy neck I don't think anything is too heavy.
  9. That am not sure about quite yet I have not tested it yet.