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  1. Been lurking on this site for ages and have been nagged to submit a hello post, so here it is.

    I've been playing bass for around 30 years. Currently play in 12-piece r&b band with all the bells and whistles.

    1) Kinal precision-style 4 string with bart cb pup and DR strings
    2) Sadowsky Metro 4-string
    3) Kinal MK-21 with bart soapbars (A problem child. Sounding dead compared to the others and getting next to no play time.)

    1) SWR sm 400s. On the verge of retirement.
    2) Aguilar DB 359. Sounds great. Weighs a ton.
    3) Eden 2x10 xlt. Best bang for the buck.

    1) EBS multicomp. Used it with SWR head but seems redundant with the Aguilar all-tube head.
    2) EBS Chorus.
    3) EBS Octave.

    1) Monster and Planet Waves cables
    2) Auralex sound isolator. Minimizes low frequency spill into PA through stage. A must have with a big band like ours with 6 vocalists.

    James Jamerson
    Willie Weeks
    Check Rainey
    Ready Freddie Washington
    Pino Palladino

    Fave Albums
    Donny Hathaway Live
    Aretha Franklin: Live at the Fillmore
    Voodoo (by D'Angelo)
    Erykha Badhu: Live
    John Mayer: Try
    Bitches Brew

    Would like to chat with anyone who has experience with the Aguilar DB 359 so I can decide whether or not to buy it.

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