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Old Question. Need help fast!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by fenbull, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. fenbull


    Oct 31, 2003
    Akron ohio
    Sorry to bring this up but i need help fast. I am going out this weekend to buy a new bass and amp. thanks to my loving wife(thanks Lisa)she is allowing me to get an early x-mas gift. i have played guitar for years and am bored with it. My fingers are to slow to solo well and barre chords and stuff is dull.I always thought that the bass and bassist were some of the coolest in any bands. I have an ear for bass lines and owned a srg200 for awhile before i sold it like a dolt. here is the question. I am buying from guitar centers since they offer 15 months same as cash.I know alot of you dont like them but oh well.Plan on spending 4-450 for bass and amp. Should i go Squier and a practice amp? Or i think they are called olp? A knockoff of musicman.. What bass? I want more in my bass quality than amp. I play for hobby only in my room and to c.ds and lesson plans.I dont need alot...there is some crate amps on sale there now for $70.00 15w i think ...is that good? O.k Its your $450.00 to spend there @GC what should i do? thank you for putting up with me and Keep tumpin....i look forward to being on these threads. Thanks.
  2. I had an OLP that I like quite a bit. There are several threads on that particualar bas. You can use the "Search" feature at the bottom of the page to look for those.
  3. Its possible to buy an instrument that will keep you happy for a long time on the budget you have, but please take your time, audition lots of basses, then when you have built up a little databass(couldnt help it!) of feels in your head, go for the one that sounds and feels best,

    You didnt marry your wife after the first date did you?

    Its the same with any instrument.........

    Forget the amp too eh!

    CYA Luke
  4. Welcome to TalkBass! I'd put no more than $100 into a practice amp, and as much as possible into the axe. The OLP 4 stringers are damn good for the price, so are Essex, but for $350 or so you may be able to do better. The Crate for $70 sounds OK. Just try as many basses as possible in your price range. The one that feels best to you is likely gonna be the one.
  5. fenbull


    Oct 31, 2003
    Akron ohio
    Thanks SOOO much for the quick replys. After thinking about this...i could afford a Standard P bass (fender) and the amp.I am a huge Fender fan....but do like the sound of the olp.I didn't marry her on the first date (lol) but what a catch a true love and a great lady. rock on my new bass playing friends!!!:bassist:
  6. Yeah, that's the ticket, a new MIA P bass.

    I'm a Fender fan myself and BTW.......welcome to TB.

  7. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    My first bass was a Fender Standard Jazz Bass. A great bass. Now i still own the Fender except now i also have a few others and as my main bass i have a Ray5. :D For that price range-like you said the Fender Standard P-Bass and a little amp would be fine. I know you said you're going to GC but you could always check out an Essex/Brice bass from www.rondomusic.bigstep.com . I haven't played one before, but i've heard that they are good basses, and for $300 you could get one of their top basses. That's all
  8. fenbull


    Oct 31, 2003
    Akron ohio
    O.K. guys went to the GC today and signed up and got the 15sac.After trying a ton of basses i selected a Fender Jazz black with white pickguard. It was $419.00 US and got a crate mxb 15w amp $70.00.This amp is plenty loud enough for my jammin and i love the feel of the fender...it is made in mexico and wish i could afford an american but no way.Is this a good one it plays great and has great tone and a good neck. I was tossed between, active pickups and 5 stringers. Alot of them were SRG ibz and they felt good but not like the Fender.I also played a few sweet yamahas but the fender has always been my fav and i love the jazz design the best.Glad to get her home and have not stopped thumpin yet.:bassist:
  9. Congrats man!

    Hey MIM 's can be great basses and it sounds like you played enough of them, to feel which one, was best for you!

    Enjoy your new equipment and welcome to the world of bass.

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