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    Oct 18, 2006
    Hey Guys,

    Long-time member, infrequent poster here, just looking for some advice RE: online instruction.

    Here is my story in a nutshell: I recently turned 40, have been playing bass since I was 17 (but rarely in band/group situations...mostly an at home/hobby/bedroom bassist), and while I certainly feel that there are areas that I can improve my bass playing, I am also interested in learning guitar.

    I want to be smarter starting on guitar than I was with bass. I am largely self-taught on bass, and although I think going this route may have had a couple of advantages, overall, I have to think that had I been super-serious about learning bass as a teen/young adult (e., sought some professional instruction), chances are I'd be ten times the player I am today. At 40 years old, I don't really have the "luxury of time" to noodle around and get incrementally better...well, actually, getting better at anything usually happens in increments...a more accurate way to say it is that I want the increments to happen faster than they would if I were to try and go the self-teaching route.

    There are three specific online instruction sites that I am thinking of signing on with: TrueFire, JamPlay, and ArtistWorks. The first two seem to be great sites in that they offer a plethora of instructors and a plethora of styles. As far as ArtistWorks goes, I'd mainly be interested in signing up with Paul Gilbert for rock guitar lessons, being that rock is the genre that I am mostly interested in.

    So, bottom line: I'm wondering if anyone here has experience in taking instruction (bass, guitar, or both) on any of these sites, and is it worth the time and money? When I look at the wealth of material and quality/pedigree of the instructors on all three sites, it pretty much seems like a no-brainer.

    And just for the record, yes, I realize that I could sign up on a hundred instructional websites, but at the end of the day I actually have to access and make use of the material offered in order to actually learn from it.

    On a final note, not to sound like a braggart, but I am pretty flush with cash at the moment and it wouldn't break me to sign up for the highest-level paid subscriptions with all three of these sites, so there's that too...

    All thoughts and comments are welcome, and thanks in advance!
  2. I know nothing of those three Internet instructors. However, I would point you to a local live instructor that you can sit knee to knee with AND receive instant feedback. Guitar instructors are normally easy to find. Finding the good one is the task.

    How do you find the good ones? Word of mouth. Ask other guitar players who they use. I have not had good luck with the person in the back room of a music store - they seem to know how to play, but, have no idea how to teach. I have had good luck with instructors I had to get on a waiting list before I could start lessons.

    Ask around who is THE instructor in your area, then go get on his/her waiting list.

    A Google search pulled up the following instructors in your area. Ask for a list of students you could contact.
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  3. AdamRoberts


    Dec 1, 2014
    Any website can show you how to do something properly and I'm sure the material on those websites is correct.

    However, only a teacher can look at what you are doing and show you how to improve your playing (+1 on receiving instant feedback) based on your input.

    When I am teaching, I often get up, get my face in the fretboard hand, and physically (or verbally) move fingers. No website can do that.

    Start here:
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    Dec 1, 2014
    Also, a good teacher can save you lots of time. I can guarantee a student that one hour lesson with me will save them 3 or 4 hours of wandering around the internet.
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    Nov 18, 2013
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    Be as it may, Truefire is having one of those sales that change every hour, and you can get some great lessons for as little as $5, and their bass roster has become rather impressive...
    Join TrueFire for Free - TrueFire
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    Jul 8, 2018
    I think the best approach would be to purchase one program not 3. Quantity is not the goal but steady progress utilizing a proven method. Online lessons are also a great source particularly in this recent environment.