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Orange Crush 100, 115 combo - giggable?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jason the fox, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. jason the fox

    jason the fox Often rocks and rarely rolls.

    Jul 2, 2013
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Ok folks, I know this combo has been discussed sparingly before, but I did a few quick searches on the forums and I'm hoping someone might have more experience with one of these by this point.

    I've got a line on an Orange Crush 100 and am waiting for the chance to try it out (in store) before buying. I've been a huge Ampeg fan (literally all I've used the past 8-10 years) but I'm interested in trying something different - some might say stick with what works, but I dig variety... and Orange gear is super rare among guitar/bass players on the circuit I work; so as trivial as it sounds, I like the idea of having something different and unique too.

    I like grit and grind. Low end but a lot of good wirey highs, and I use a lot of gain - and I know the Crush 100 is NOT a tube rig, but the reviews (youtube and the like) are appealing. I'm mainly looking for a combo that I can use for the majority of my gigs, which are small/medium clubs/bars - so something that can hold its own on stage in a club in front of, say, 100 people. PA support everytime, so it's not like I need to power the venue with my amp alone. But it needs to compete with a band (guitar/drums/keys) who all play at average (or slightly above average) volume. For comparisons' sake, lately i've been gigging an Ampeg PF500 and PF210. No issues volume-wise, but the PF210 cab is tuned super low I find, and the overall tone has become a little too dark for my tastes. I've got other rigs (including a V4B and SVT 212 AV) but sometimes smaller and lighter is a huge asset.

    Bottom line - for anyone who has one, will this hold it's own? It's at the higher end of my current budget. Other contenders are the V.2 Ampeg BA115 and maybe the Fender Rumble 200. Wattage is power - NOT volume, so I don't necessarily buy into the numbers right away.
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  2. MonsterRain


    May 26, 2017

    Hey, you're me. I have been researching these things forever and nobody within 100 miles of me has the 100 to even try. I am a full fledged Ampeg guy to the bone with a nice little collection and I LOVE the Orange tone and am still curious of this one to see if it will do exactly what you are looking for.

    I will say I was letdown by the Rumble 200 and I say that as someone who owns a Rumble 40 and quite fancies it. The 200 is 140 watts without the extension cab so really it's very much equal to the Orange 100 only cheaper and much lighter in weight. Now, I say letdown because of tone. The Rumble tone just doesn't tingle me even though it is good much like MarkBass does not move me and I won't knock that either. Ampeg guy full tilt boogie but I have played the Orange 25 and really did enjoy the tone enough to wonder of the larger ones along with listening to every demo possible.

    I have offered nothing other than one more request from a guy hoping to find out what you are seeking to learn.

    The BA115 was of interest to me as well BUT since I am Ampeg'd out in every other way I simply want some variety since I fancy the Orange tone so I am again curious.

    My fear is that the Orange 100 is a luxury bedroom amp that is a bit too loud for the bedroom but not quite enough anywhere else but still I wonder if that 15" can indeed make some small/medium bar/club magic as well.

    I also looked at the OB1-300 combo but I simply cannot go for paying that much for a single speaker with 300 watts when you can go Portaflex 500 with TWO cabs for less money.

    But this $569 isn't the craziest price and I have exhausted the search here as well and found little to go on.

    My take overall is the 100 is NOT a top seller I believe the 50 is the unit which sells the most since looking around you seem to run into quite a few who could not justify dropping nearly $600 but swallowed the $300 charge of the 50 and went halfway since it is but $100 more than the little 25 watt 8" combo. As a result few seem to own this one and especially so since I have seen several PiX series 100's and 50's for sale (way more 50's) but have yet to see a single used 100 Crush Bass new model for sale. Either those who bought it never wish to part or like I imagine; this thing hasn't exactly sold in large quantities.

    With that said, the new models are night and day better than the PiX series in every conceivable way from cabinet build to tonal options. This much I have learned along the way and perhaps someone will see this who can shine more light on the subject.
  3. Thunderbottom


    Jul 3, 2018
    I just requested a local shop order in the 100. I'll have it in a few weeks, or so they say. I can give an opinion or two once it comes in. I'm going to try it with a few cabs attached and playing through both a J, P and a Godin shifter classic 4, If that helps .
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  4. jeff7bass


    Apr 9, 2009
  5. Thunderbottom


    Jul 3, 2018
    I've been to my local long and McQuaid every week since September and they keep saying it'll be in soon, it's in transit. It's so disappointing I tried getting this in summer now there's nearly 10cm on snow on the ground.
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