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    Good stuff here man!!!

    Cali76 Compact Bass Compressor Pedal

    Price Drop Across the Entire Origin Effects Range - Origin Effects

    Origin Effects Price Drop – November 2017
    In the midst of a successful year at Origin Effects, against the backdrop of us celebrating 10,000 pedal sales, we have yet more great news from Origin Effects HQ!

    Following the UK’s “Brexit” announcement we’ve seen the British Pound shift against other global currencies. This has had major implications for many UK businesses. Fortunately, increased sales have allowed us at Origin Effects to “flex” our purchasing power and see off the rising costs of our courier service and manufacturing material costs.

    The end result is that we’re happy to announce that as of November 1st, 2017 we are able to actually LOWER the price of our award-winning pedals! With Origin Effects reigniting the compressor market, we have made the decision to pass on the savings created by our growth to our customers.

    This will make our ‘top shelf’ products readily available to a wider audience, whilst allowing us to maintain our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. As ever, building each pedal from start to finish with the same materials and components in our little headquarters in Oxfordshire, UK.

    These new price changes mean that our award-winning Cali76-Compact pedal will now retail for just £179.00! A great product for first-time compressor users, or those seeking a straightforward studio-grade compressor at a great price.

    So why not treat yourself this festive period, head to our website to find your nearest Origin Effects dealer and grab yourself one of our award-winning pedals!
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    This deserves a bump.
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    Of course this would happen right after I just bought my Cali76-CB about a month or so ago for $379
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    wow, murphy´s law, sorry.