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Palatino Stand

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by derrenleepoole, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if there is a stand available for the Palatino like the ones you get on the Dean Pace etc... i.e.: it allows you to have the bass completely free standing with out having to hold it up. Or has someone used/modified something to get a similar result? How lazy am i? :rollno:
  2. ingo62


    Mar 15, 2005
    Emden, Germany

    I'm also very interested in such a stand!

  3. How about something like this Derren?

    http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=162757&page=4&highlight=palatino (scroll down the page for pictures)

    Mike E.

  4. That's brilliant! Exactly what I had in mind. Quite simple too. Quite elegant in its approach and solution. It's now time to badger the drum into seeing if he has any spare parts I can borrow :D

    I really does pay to search these forums properly - obviously missed that one :rolleyes:
  5. Thanks for finding that, Bassworm! I've just decided that it's impossible to bow this thing without a different stand. That guy's got the right idea. I'm hoping to use the bolt-hole where the bracket thing is on the back. I'll drill if I have to, though.

  6. It is quite a neat simple idea. I must get round to cadging some drum hardware from my son or stepson (TWO drummers in the family! Oh, the shame......;) ) and see if I can come up with something similar.

    On a sort of related note, I was playing an NS CR4 upright in the Bass Centre in London last week, as you know it has a vaguely similar stand arrangement. It certainly makes a very big diffrerence to playability, having the instrument support itself.

    I must say, I found the NS EUB far easier to play than the Palatino, but the sound was nowhere near as pleasant.

    Mike E.

  7. I went to Guitar Center today and got a boom cymbal stand for $30. It's the same as this one, I think:

    The end bolt on the boom fits right into the bolt hole for the bracket which holds the hangar-thing. I just removed the thumbscrew and the top part of the bracket, screwed in the boom, and put the boom on the stand. Instead of having the boom arm stick out like the photo, I put it straight down into the stand. I left the endpin in, and it is very stable.

    I would think that any similar stand would work as well - as long as the end fits the bolt hole. I brought along the thumbscrew to Guitar Center just to make sure it would fit.

    If anyone's interested, I can put up some photos over the weekend.
  8. Please post photos. I am very interested in seeing how you made this cymbal stand work. Thanks
  9. I had come to the same conclusion/solution myself. I'm not too keen on drilling holes into my bass. Especially as I don't have a hard case, a permanent attachment at the back for a stand seems a little obtrusive. Just need to find a good eBay source for such a stand. In drum specialist shops, stands sell for ridiculous amounts of money, about £60+. Just not worth it, especially when Stagg do a cheapo range at around £15!. The diameter for the attachable tube frame on the Palatino is 13mm if anyone is interested.

    Some photos of peoples solutions would be very good.
  10. Here are some pics of the cymbal stand I used:

    Attached Files:

  11. I presume the cymbal part screws into the Palatino then?
  12. Yes. That piece in the last picture screws into the hole for the "hangar" bracket.
  13. Well, my cheapo Stagg stand arrived today and it works great as a gig stand. The threaded cymbal end does fits the bolt hole area, even though it's just a little slack, it holds okay. The stand will certainly help in gig situations and helps free up the playing. I wouldn't trust it to free stand over night though, the weight of the Palatino easily pulls and twists the fixings no matter how much you tighten them. That could be down to the cheap stand though. But as a temporary 'let's see if this works' solution it's ideal.

    Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3.
  14. Guys, that's absolutely brilliant. I'm just off to raid my stepson's drum kit to see if any of his cymbal stands will fit the Palatino. Then I'll be off to the local drum shop to get my own.
    Mike E.
  15. Thanks to both of you for posting the stand pics. That looks very functional even if it is just used for playing. Anything is better than trying to keep the bass balanced with the stock "U". I will try to get a stand tomorrow and see how it works.
  16. Since I am still GREEN when it comes to electric uprights. Tell me the advantages to having the bass fixed to a stand. Most of the time when playing I'm dancing and moving around so my bass is always moble. I also like to callapse the the end pin and sit on a chair. Please share the advantages since I have never experenced this way to play before.
  17. mikjans


    Dec 17, 2003
    Uppsala, Sweden
    If you´re used to digging on on an acoustic double bass it may feel uncomfortable at first to have the EUB on a stand and will take some getting used to

    It´s all a matter of what suits you best. I play 50/50 EUB and bass guitar on most gigs and I have the EUB on a stand, so I can just shove the bass guitar round my back and step forward to the EUB between songs. I also sing lead a lot, and I find that having the EUB on a stand frees the voice. (I use a wireless headset for vocals and a wireless on the BG, but a cable for the EUB.)

  18. I'd like to point out that I leave my bass on the stand all the time at rehearsal and at home. The one I use has no stability problems because all the adjustment points are either notched or clamp firmly so nothing can move. Structurally, the bass would give before the stand.

    I posted the brand and a link earlier in this thread. It was under $30 before sales tax at Guitar Center, and the threads are an exact match, with no slack.
  19. Every stand has a weakness. Granted my stand for the Palatino was not an expensive model. It does however, have memory locks and notched clamps. But nearly all drum and cymbal stands are based on tubular designs, which means they can still twist and turn even with clamps on them. Given enough time and eventually wear, the stand will fail to support the Palatino at some point.

    Just my two pennies worth :eyebrow:
  20. I purchased my cymbal stand today at Guitar Center for $30. Looks like the one that JazzDude posted pics of above. Everything set up and fit exactly as you all have described. It feels very stable to me and I intend to leave it on the stand for the time being. Thanks everyone for a great idea a lot of good information.

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