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Passive switch for Squire Deluxe (Jazz) Active, will this wiring work?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by sevensixtwolove, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. So to preface I found this topic from a while back:
    Squier deluxe Passive Switch

    I recently acquired a Squire Deluxe Jazz V (Active), and want to remove the slap switch and make it a passive switch instead. I did an alternative wiring based on nthe

    Two primary reasons:
    * Not have to unplug my G10 dongle between sessions
    * Be able to play passively when running out of battery

    Known limitations:
    * No controls. None of the knobs/controls will work as they are all connected via the preamp.

    Possible additional step:
    * Replace Volume pot with a 500k and wire it after the preamp (with a jumper/fixed value on the preamp volume) to be included in the passive circuit as well.

    Based on the original schematic in the post above I made this wiring which requires me to replace the DPDT on-on switch for a 3PDT but they are available in the same thread size so should be able to re-use the switch location without issues.

    Maybe there is some obvious way to get by with using the existing DPDT switch used now for the Slap/mid-scoop feature but I think I will need to switch three leads to get both proper disconnection for both the preamp and the battery.

    If it was just for emergency passive mode when the battery was depleted it would work fine, but since I want to disconnect preamp In, preamp Out and battery/Ring I believe 3P is the way to go.

    Any feedback/thoughts/confirmation of the thought process welcome!

    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  2. Crater


    Oct 12, 2011
    Dallas, TX area
    Post #21 in the thread you linked to has a diagram that will work. Yes, you have to replace the 25 k Ohm pot with a 250 k or 500 k Ohm volume pot.

    Don't use a 3 pole switch, don't wire it to disconnect the battery. It can make a huge thump or pop sound through your amplifier, which is why active/passive switches should never disconnect the battery.
  3. Wow, not sure how I could have missed that, almost all other images in that thread were dead except for original diagram so was maybe too quick to close it.

    Huh, I did not consider that aspect. To be honest the off-switch is actually more of a priority to me than having a passive mode, but this is my first active bass and I didn't know one usually avoid disconnecting the battery even on basses with active/passive switches.

    I could definitely see how turning battery on/off could cause popping or other sound artefacts in the preamp.

    It's a bummer because I keep the bass resting a fair bit away from the amp and use a wireless transmitter akin to the G10 plugged in so I can just grab it and play. Without a way to disconnect the battery I will have to unplug it between playing and place it on the floor by the feet of the stands or similar, feels awkward and cumbersome.

    Will have to think about this a little, thanks a lot for pointing it out!

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