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    Dec 27, 2007
    I've long favoured Dingwall basses, but the one I wanted wasn't really there...
    My personal preferences are like this: an old school all passive bass combining P and J, with 3/4" spacing at bridge, like old four string Fenders, but with fan fret 37" - 34" scale. Dingwall don't make to these specs...

    I've used Payson strings for a while, and when Payson Clarke released his new bass, well, I kind of jumped on the train and bought it unseen.

    The pictures on the website were kind of low resolution and rather dull, so I really didn't know what to expect, but lo and behold!

    It arrived from Texas to Sweden in under a week, well packed, in a Reunion Blues Continental case - I won't call it bag. When case was unzipped, I found a beautiful beast of a bass. Just the looks of it screamed OLD SCHOOL: the kind of oversized bakelite type knobs, the lack of bells and whistles, just a BASS.

    The body shape is a mix of P and J: offset waist, but non offset "butt end" so you can put it down without tipping over. Asymmetrical neck profile and stainless frets with hidden fret ends. Minimal switching possibilities, just a toggle switch for bridge pickup series-single coil-parallel, and one for bypassing the balance pot and also switch the pickups to series for a huge tone.

    It was perfectly set up. exactly to my specs, and the da*mned thing was in tune when I unpacked it...

    The Payson has been my first call bass since it arrived; I took it for the first gig the same week it arrived. Well, here it is:

    The diagonal stripes are reflections from the ceiling...

    The very discreet fret ends...

    The Nordstrand pickups...

    With its brother-in-arms the Dingwall Super P5 with Thomastik flats. Payson has Payson Stainless on...

    Payson Fanned SuperCharger J
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    Thank you, Roger for the kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Payson Fanned SuperCharger PJ. You actually have x6 different pu/tonal settings stealthily built in, and that’s before you even touch the balance pot.
    Btw, we use Bournes 500K pots with 250K balance pots for a smoother sweep (make before break). 500K’s make for a really hot passive signal.

    The reason the body kinda looks J-ish is because I shaved the forearm contour from the strap pin to the upper waste.

    The Payson Fanned SuperCharger J has x16 different pu settings/combinations, and that’s before you adjust the balance pot from dead center.

    The Payson SuperCharger x3 pu version has x27 different pu combinations before you touch the balance pot. When you start subtracting a pu it goes up exponentially from there.
    In MM mode it has x8 pu combinations with true SC hum free operation (outer coils), G&L and J pu combinations with true SC hum free operation (outer coils wide spacing).

    The Payson Fanned SuperCharger series is all about fanned long scale vintage tone and feel, just like you described.
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