PC Problem (DVD protection)

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  1. Had been having some problems with my PC.

    Turned out to be a dodgy ram stick and my PC eventually complaining about the the MFT bring corrupt. So I formatted the PC, installed everything. In the case of any downloadable software, I got the newest versions.

    But for some reason I cant play DVDs with windows media player now. I get some error saying there is an issue with the DVD protection between my DVD drive and my GFX card? I did install the newest drivers for my graphics card. But there are also times where the computer locks up when loading, and it sounds like the DVD drive is trying to work (even if there is nothing in it).
    Pressing the eject button stops that and the computer gets on with whatever it was doing. This happens (both problems) with both of the DVD drives I have.

    Anyone have any idea as to what is causing this? Or is the best bet just to format the PC again (some mess up when windows has installed)?

    Fairly new computer, running Windows XP SP3.


    - Will
  2. This is just a wild @$$ guess, but the quoted statement makes me think it may have something to do with HDCP.

    Do you have a newer video card and perhaps an older monitor that is not HDCP compliant. It may be mucking things up.

    The only think making me think twice about that is it should still play DVD's, just not at HD quality.

    Try googling the exact error you get.
  3. I've looked and its nearly all "reinstall the drivers". Though there were some mentions of this HDCP thing.

    GFX card is an Nvidia 8800GTX. The monitor is pretty new too. The reason I didn't think it could be that is because it was never an issue before the PC was formatted.
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    Is it just Windows Media Player having the problem, or do all media players give you trouble?
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    Will a DVD work in a program called VLC?


    This is a fantastic media player with built in support for almost anything. It may help isolate the issue to know one way or the other.
  6. only tried WMP and WMP classic.

    I'll try VLC and see what happens :)
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    Dec 15, 2005
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    Yep... I was going to suggest VLC (what I use) or DVD-X.