Peavey Fury Bass?

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  1. So... I was really bored last night... And I randomly bought a used Peavey Fury bass from guitar center with little to no info on it, immediately after I bought a MIA Strat. Don't ask. Can anyone tell me about these basses..? I paid $250 for it.

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  2. davedblyoo

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    Nov 15, 2012
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    You did pretty good. Poplar body underneath that Olympic white paint. You won't be able to channel a P Bass on anything else for $250 and made in America. Jazz width neck if I recall correctly I had a Forum, which was the PJ version of this bass and liked it a lot. You probably won't need anything more than new strings and a set up to get this baby going.
  3. Alright, great. Sounds pretty neat, excited to get it. I'll post pics and whatnot once I do ^^ Are these things considered vintage?
  4. Hmmm Peavey Good.

    That's all there is to it. You got a good price, probably at least 10% down from the going rate.
    You'll be hard pressed to find another MIA for that price.
  5. I was very very surprised to see an MIA instrument for anywhere near that price...
  6. furym


    Aug 31, 2014
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  7. wild4oldcars


    Jan 22, 2012
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    Yeah, its a P bass with a jazz neck. I'm a peavey guy and love all mine. You did alright on price, but if you like it, it'll surely be intrinsically worth 250.
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    My Fury is a 1987 model with a Duncan SPB2 (hot p pickup)....really great build quality overall but the lightweight is a real plus in my book.

    I honestly haven't heard many P basses I like better.
  9. Hmm.. Well, I'm excited to get it. Hopefully it's playable out of the box, because I can't afford a setup.. I do have strings however.
  10. comatosedragon

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    Love the neck on the Fury! I have a '91 -- It's soooo light, the neck is amazing (I already said, I know). I swear, this thing almost plays itself.
    I'm sure you will find your money well spent.
  11. shawshank72


    Mar 22, 2009
    That is the exact model of my first ever bass.
    Peavey is a great score.
    I just got a 94 Peavey Fury for christmas.
    This bass is absolutely fantastic!
    Just a dream to play.

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  12. devinp17


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    I think if you looked a little longer, you coulda found one for a better price. But they're great basses!
  13. I know that pic is beyond awful, but I don't actually have it yet, anyone know what year it was made? All I know is in the 80s. Is the headstock the one with the word fury in a large font? And err, are these considered vintage?
  14. TimboZ


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    Love my Fury...Have over 12 basses and the fury gets played the most.
  15. NicJimBass

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    My best guess would be early 90's, not 80's. You can look the serial number up online and get an exact year.
  16. RED J

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    There were three basic tribes of Furys, from the pic yours looks like a late 80's Shapelier body with and early 90's Block logo neck, and cheaper hardware. I am aware there are some transition instruments, looks like this one took parts from generations 2 and 3. A pure generation 2 has the top quality hardware like the "T" series, and more stylized headstock graphics. Third gen body looks like a P that has gotten too big around the middle. ;)
    FYI, first generation wasn't a P at all.
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  17. They are great basses and 1 of the few lighter weight Peavey's. $250 is a little high for them, but you got it at GC so better quality assurance than CL. The best P bass for the $$$ in my opinion.
  18. sii.pepenk


    Jun 3, 2010
    got my Peavey Fury few days ago and i make a video of it, check this out

  19. Doctor Hugocat

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    Jan 4, 2014
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    Good score! I have the exact same bass in that color and I love it. It's a keeper, no matter what. GREAT slim neck, not too heavy, fine build quality. I put a Bill Lawrence P46 PUP in mine but honestly the original was very good: I just wanted to try the P46. Enjoy! A MIA bass for an unbeatable price. :bassist:
  20. RED J

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    Jan 23, 2000
    Fantastic ! You showcased the bass and what IT can do. You should be doing reviews.
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