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Peavey millenium 4

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by The Rhythm, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Hi, I have a P-bass, it's made by 'Mustang' anyways i'm looking to get something different for my band that has a nice neck but i don't want to spend much in the way of money as bass isn't my main hobby.

    I like the peavey millenium 4 (BXP????) it seems to be really good since i can get it for £139 including VAT and delivery.

    anyone got any opinions on it?

    i'm hoping my local music shop has one in or something similar on friday when i go down so i can give one a play myself but they always seem to only have like three basses and 50 guitars. crazy huh!
  2. I almost bought one of the Mileniums a while back. They're not pretty darn good in my opinion. The neck profile is just as comfortable as can be, the pups are pretty nifty sounding humbucklers, and it's one of the few basses in that price range that gives you the option of stringing through the bridge, or through the body. It's a pretty sharp looker too.

    The reasons I didn't buy it are because the neck felt like raw lumber to me. A lot of people think I'm being nit-picky about this, but I've always believed that if you're gonna spend the money, it should play like "butta." And this didn't. Another thing is I played 3 different Milleniums, and got 3 different sounds. And I'm not talking specific quirks here. One sounded dull, one was overly bassy, the other was very clean and trebly. What really caused me to walk away, is I picked up the MIM Fender Jazz next to the Milleniums, and instantly heard a tone that was more me.

    But that's my epic tale. In summary, I think they're pretty cool little basses. If you're not as particular about tone as yours truly, I think you'd really like it.

    And as for your comment on guitar shops having more guitars than basses.........it's just another example of "the man" trying to keep us down. :D
  3. cheers, I think i'm just gonna lower the action on my bass, use some light strings and maybe play around with the profile a bit.

    I'm gonna sand out the nut a bit lower so the strings are closer down, and move to 40-95 size strings.
  4. Aj*


    Jun 14, 2005
    West Yorkshire, UK
    Cheap Peavey's make great low priced instruments. My grind bass bxp is great to play, the string through independant bridge looks good and works very nicely. My neck is actually possibly the smoothest thing around, a quick polish every month or so means I can play even the most riddiculous leaps at a good pace. Maybe the millenium is different, the grind bass bxp sold for about £300 new which I guess is about double till it got the chop for the NTB version which imo doesn't compare. I thought the bodys and necks were pretty similar but I dunno, I love mine though.
  5. I own the same bass you're questioning about...

    Although you already posted that you'll probably just modify your bass, I figured I'd throw in my 2 cents before I go watch School of Rock and Airheads...

    My bass plays very well, I'm able to get a limited amount of tones from it ranging from "muddy" to very treble-y. I find I like to keep mine set in between, playing between the pickups with the bridge p'up at 100 and the neck around 50-65 or soemthing like that.

    For the money, you won't find anything to rival it except the Fender MIM jazz bass. I highly reccomend this bass, and if you have anymore questionsa bout it, PM me and we'll talk Peavey!

  6. Hi, thanks for you're two cents. lol.

    Whats the Fender MIM jazz?? (i'm confused about the MIM bit.)

    sorry i'm not all into all the basses etc. as it isn't my main instrument.

    oh yeah do you know anything about hartke vx? (i think) 1x15 cabs? any good? i like the price and does what i want.
  7. Okay, here's a list of Fender abbrvs.

    MIM = Made in Mexico
    MIJ = Made in Japan
    MIA = Made in America

    CIJ(?) = Crafted in Japan (not too common, but I HAVE seen this)

    Hartke is a good company. My friends father used to play bass before he layed it to rest to pickup DJing full time. He ran a Dean Rhapsody 5 through a 2-10" using a Hartke head, apparently sounded great!

    Mu opinion, is to go check out Yorkville amps, you can snatch a 2-10" for 400, and add an extension 2-10" for around 200, then a 15" for 250. Great company, awesome gear, I'm getting the XM200T soon,I love it!

  8. i was looking at the hartke because i can get it for £189

    i just don't want to be running bass through my guitar 4x10.

    unless this is ok. I'm using a 100watt head and a 145watt 4x10 cab?

    is that ok for bass?

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