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  1. Anyone have any experiences using one of the Phil Jones LS1800 systems. The vocalist/trumpeter I'm currently working with has a Bose L1 but was looking to trade in for a newer model from Bose. An engineer friend of mine was raving about the Phil Jones LS1800 system and I suggested it to the singer/band leader as an alternative. Seems the LS1800 has more power, but I haven't seen or heard this system in person. The Bose system sounds good, but something that can handle a little bigger room would be great. This system would be used for everything from acoustic jazz to electronica/dub to full band soul/funk/fusion type stuff.

    Plus Phil Jones is located here in town, so that's definately a plus if we have any problems.

    Here's a link to the Phil Jones system.
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    Yikes! MSRP of $9995 changed my interest very quickly.
  3. Yeah its definately not cheap:(
  4. I E-mailed Phil Jones Pure Sound quesioning if that was for a stereo, left and right system, or one side. To date no response, pleases share, since they are in your town, if you know what is included with a purchase.

    Most of the, Big Boys sound providers, are interested in the new Renkus-Heinz steerable system.


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    Does anyone have any experience using Phil Jones LS-1800 or LS-1200. I seriously thought of buying one of the systems but could not find enough people who have used LS1800 or LS1200, and couldn't justify the cost. Has anyone heard of a used system for sale?
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    I would imagine 2 would be necessary in order to achieve a balanced sound. They are made ideally to be used with the PJ's D-4000 stereo power amp which is 2000 watts per side. These speakers are rated at 1800 each.