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Pick-up location (FYI)

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by toonman, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. I just thought I'd share with ya'll a good way I found to set up my piezo's on my EUB. I haven't had such a better, more realistic sound with them set up this way. I have a K&K double big twin, 4 piezo's all together. They are all ran through a K&K pure preamp as well. I wired them in pairs so two of them act as one pick-up . I mounted one pair on the bottom side of the bridge, not underneath like most are, and mounted the other pair with one on each side of the bridge. Your bridge has to be big enough to mount them on the sides though. I have my bridge sunk into the body about 3\4" and its about 3\4" wide at the bottom so the pick-ups just slide between the bridge and the body pretty snug. I used some sticky tack to hold the ones inplace thet were a little loose. I have each pair wired to a toggle switch so I can just use either the bottom or the side pick-ups alone or both at the same time. The bottom pick-ups have more volume and kind of a harmonic thump to them when plucked. They pick up the string vibrations in all directions. It's kind of hard to explain. Those sound best when plucking the strings. The side mounted pick-ups pick up more of a side to side movement of the strings and has more of an acoustic sound and makes bowing sound almost natural. If your able to set them up this way I would recomend trying it. The only downfall about this is, I have to turn the volume down when turning on a pick up with the switch. It makes a loud pop. other than that, it sounds awsome.
  2. How about posting pics to show the setup?
    Thanks in advance!

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