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Picking with the thumb

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by violinoscar, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Wasnex


    Dec 25, 2011
    I didn't mean to infer he could. But surely you rock ;)!
  2. LowNloud1

    LowNloud1 Commercial User

    Jun 11, 2012
    Wilmington NC
    I am a hobbyist making stone picks that I sell but mostly give away. They made me do this anyways.
    I have played my entire life as a thumb user. with and without a thumb pick. I love adding depth to my sound. Fingers don't give me the depth I am looking for. Fingers give you speed but I don't like how "washed out" the tone becomes. So even, but no real depth. It's just my preference. IMO, if I am playing bass then I want to feel the bottom. I want to shake the house. I will play as low as I can just to get that fat bottom. There are drawbacks. Speed, muted highs, but I can't say that I have ever regretted playing this way.
  3. chris_b


    Jun 2, 2007
    I can use my thumb, and sometimes do on quiet passages, but I never feel comfortable playing like that. I guess there aren't enough quiet sections in the songs I play to give me the practice and confidence. I feel I have more control with fingers.
  4. robo_bass


    Feb 8, 2020
    Eastern US
    I use the side of the pick and grip it low so it feels like my thumb. It just gives more control. If I could find a thumb pick with that type of long edge I'd crap myself. And you could double thumb notes and play it like a pick you can get incredible speed.
  5. WrapRough


    Jan 26, 2021
    For reggae, yeah. It sounds irie :)

    Good enough for Robbie, good enough for me:

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  6. Billyzoom

    Billyzoom Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2011
    Bay Area
    When I first picked up the bass this was what felt most natural. I like the tone it gives me and also makes muting easier for me. Having said that, I stopped because I thought it was “wrong”. Gonna start playing that way sometimes again to see if it works for certain styles.
  7. Albatrosslol


    Apr 15, 2021
    So glad this thread came up. I was reading thru technique because I’m a newer bass player but always found it more comfortable to get good sounds with the thumb. PIMR even on classical was awkward. Probably will still practice scars alternating fingers for practice though.
  8. Albatrosslol


    Apr 15, 2021
    Yes yes this! I felt the same way!
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