Pickup or electronics replacement for ns2000/4

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    I'm looking for advice.
    I have my Spector ns2000/4 (MIK). When I received it, it had just the pickups and poorly wired passive VVTT. Trying to give it back some of its dignity, I installed and EMG BTC, with the blend for passive pickups. While I love the feel of the neck, the curved body, etc, I'm not in love with the sound. It just seems loud, with no subtlety. I can't really get much dynamics out of it. I play soft, it has that 'loud' character. If I play hard, I get that same sound, only louder. This is most noticeable with tube amps. If I dig in, it is just louder, there is no 'break-up'. My old Carvin, with guitar (!!#!!) pickups, certainly takes a different 'color', depending on my touch.

    So, is it the pickups? Is it the preamp? What would be your recommendations for a more touch-sensitive bass?

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    I would try the EMG 18 volt mod to see if the added headroom gives you the dynamics you’re looking for.
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