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  1. Please help... sorry long post.

    Alright before i get to the actual problem i might need to give you a little background so you can better suggest what i need to do. Im a sophomore in a highschool at a school with no strings programs and poor funding, however we seemed to have come across a few old kays and englehardts over the years(which i find odd considering we have no string program but w/e) hence the reason i sitched from guitar to double bass a few years back, a smart choice i might add.
    Anyway as i said before we (especially I) am not "financially comfortable", if you know what i mean and the only pickup at the school is one that has a metal female plug (that has two prongs that connect to the A and D strings) connected to two wires that end with two half circle metal pieces that are clipped to the bridge to pickup the sound (it also has a metal "hanger type" thick wire coming out of the back of the female plug{not sure of its use so i use it for more stability for the pickup}).
    So what i was wondering was if i could get suggestions on placement (where on the bridge i should attach them) of these metal pieces or what i should use to attach them to the bridge with, and so on and so forth. May i say ANY suggestions are welcome!!! i think anything would help the sound of this thing... thank you for reading this very long post


    P.S. i recently put the pickup on another bass and i taped the female plug to the tail piece (sorry i wouldnt go on the strings) but it got rid of the buzzing... and its not like this englehardt could look more cheap :meh:
  2. The Fishman BP-100.
    You can get a small PDF manual from there which shows installation.

    Please note you need to plug this pickup into a high impedance input to get good results. (1 Megohms or more)
    The typical bass guitar amp has a much lower input impedance which will load the pickup and give a thin, harsh, brittle tone.
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    And it works even better if you glue it to the bridge- take some fine sandpaper and use it to clean the surface of the bridge. Do the Clean the brass side of the element with a tiny bit of alcohol. Then place a drop of hot melt glue on the brass side of the pickup element, and immediately press it to the bridge.
  4. thank you so much for the help
  5. Long time user of the infamous BP 100.
    Your gonna have to get a pre-amp or it'll be useless.

    Before you glue it, experiment w/clipping the elements on an f hole for a woodier sound.

    Mine stays clipped to the treble f hole, on the side by the bridge, one on each side of the bridge locator notches.

    That bare wire hanging out is the ground. Wrap the end of it around a metal wound string(or two) between the bridge and tailpiece.
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