pickup troubles

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  1. I've got a cool little Aria Pro II CSB-300 from the '80s that I really like. I just switched from flatwound to roundwound strings, but when I went to plug in, the pickup is putting out very very little sound! :crying: If I tap on the magnets, they all are putting out a little signal, though the 2 for the higher strings are a little stronger than those of the fattest two. I popped the cover and even pulled the pup and all seems well connected. What could be the issue? bad pot maybe? Any help would be appreciated mucho!
  2. GlennW

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    Sep 6, 2006
    Maybe a bad solder connection. It sounds like your pickup is ok.
  3. Yup, could be a bad pot. Is it possible you can make a connection direct to your jack socket & bypass the pots, just to confirm the pickup is OK?
  4. thanks for the suggestions, I'll check 'em out and post what I find.