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Pierre-Yves Martel show tommorrow

Discussion in 'Music [DB]' started by Marc Decho, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Hey Quebecers/Ottawans....just got my jazz listings for the next week and there's a very interesting show happening for free tommorrow at the Cafe Nostalgica....I haven't heard Pierre's playing yet, but have heard many good things, here's the listing:

    An evening of improvised music at Cafe Nostalgica
    Friday September 2, 2005, first set 9PM second set 10:30PM
    no cover charge

    Gordon Allen :: trumpet and pocket trumpet
    P.Y. Martel :: prepared double bass

    about the musicians...

    gordon allen (trumpeter, composer, improviser) : from TO living in MTL since august 2005 + studied w/ bill dixon, art lande, david mott, laurie frink + attended banff jazz and creative music workshop 2004-2005 + residence at banff centre winter 2005 + performed & recorded w/ steve lacy, joe mcphee, steve lander, stephen horenstein, sam shalabi, john heward + performed at festivals in vancouver, montreal, seattle, toronto, guelph, halifax, new york + recent projects include recording/release the self-titled powerbuch on his own homespun label + recording for solo trumpet and kinetoflux!

    p.y. martel (double bassist, viola da gambist, composer, improviser) : from ottawa living in MTL since august 2004 + studied classical bass w/ john geggie, david currie, francois rabbath + attended the banff jazz and creative music workshop in 2005 + recorded w/ rake star, resurrection quartet, montreal bass quartet, john carroll, others + performed w/ frank lozano, dylan van der schyff, roddy ellias, rob frayne, aaron alexander, nac orchestra, ottawa symphony, la favoritte early music + current projects include: p.y. martel's PESKYSHAM (mtl), the foreigners (boston-new york-montreal), toy box orchestra (ottawa), montreal bass quartet, ceccarelli/martel duo (prepared bass and drums) - solo bass of leonardo da vinci orchestra, ensemble fusions, prima ensemble + releasing solo album for solo prepared double bass in january 2006 through a grant from the canada council for the arts

    Café Nostalgica
    University of Ottawa
    603 Cumberland (off Laurier East)