Plans/Schematics on building bass cabinets.

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  1. There are a lot of DIY bass cabinet threads and after looking through them, I have learned a lot of really interesting things about voicings, tones, sealed, ported etc.. about cabinets. I would really like to make some various-size bass cabinets with my son for their woodshop project but would like to see if anyone has plans for a build. Looking at all different sizes from 2x10, 4x10, 2x15, 4x15, 6x10, 1x5/4x10, etc...(any and all variations) Do you have plans that you're willing to share or know where to access plans that would help to get us started?

    Thank You!
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  3. You need to decide on the woofers first.
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  4. In the BFM plans, he has specifically recommended drivers for his enclosures.
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    Like Foz says , the speaker hardware site is a great source , not just for fEarful but several others .
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  6. Thanks! I understand that completely. Ideally the plans would come with woofers specified. If not, then I woudl hope to be able to reach out to the community and ask about it.
  7. Awesome!
  8. Thanks!
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    In addition to what's been mentioned, the venerable EV TL606, a 115 enclosure, is well regarded and the plans for it are available at many places on the Web. A site that has those archived is likely to have other plans as well. The Lansing Heritage site, JBL PLANS has scans of the old JBL Enclosure Manuals from the 70's and those have a lot of general advice as well as actual plans. In both cases, the original drivers specified are no longer in production, but the designs can be tweaked for different drivers easily enough.

    The Speaker Hardware site also has the Eminence design recommendation info that's available on the Eminence Web site, but is easier to use, IME. In both instances, you need to pick a driver and then link to the design data from the page for that particular driver. I think the Eminence site will give you some basic dimensions, but neither will have actual plans -- it's up to the user to design his own enclosure that meets the specified criteria. In practice, that's not too hard, and there are calculator apps on the Web that will give you some dimensions if you input the required internal volume.
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    It is about time someone made a decent 8x15 cabinet.
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    You could try this one:

    World's largest subwoofer?! - Make:

    It's not very portable though.
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    The problem is that the cabinet is for his son's woodworking class, not his masonry class.
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    No, the driver and the cabinet are decided on together. If you don't have a good idea of the size and tuning range of the cabinet, you won't be able to select a suitable driver.
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    Maybe next semester.
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    I Second the vote for a BFM. Consider that besides it being a well designed box, his designs are typically a bit involved; more than a cube with a couple cut-outs. I've seen a few different finished cabs of his designs and I've seen mitered cuts, possibly dado joints and flush-mounting drivers, inset seams, stuff like that. Seems to me right up a woodworking class' alley.
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  18. The number one rule for having any success is to copy one that does what you want it to.
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