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    Mar 9, 2007
    Alright, here's the deal. I am an intermediate level bass player, play gigs (mostly in places with PA's), have unfortunately loud band practice, but still want a nice warm, well rounded sound. My current set up is a Warwick Corvette Standard (w/ active EMG's), QSC 1450rmx amplifier, BBE BMAX pre, and two cabs, a 15" Workingman and Ampeg 410 BLF.

    To be strait, I hate my set up. It sounds dry, boring and is NO WHERE NEAR the volume of what i think it should be. It's to the point where my amp is clipping while playing at a semi loud volume with 2 guitarists using 100 watt SS amps and a medium volume drummer. I don't think it's close to the volume I should be at (it's a sizable amp).

    So my quest has started, I am not sure whether my pre-amp isn't producing the sound I'm looking for (do I want tube?), I would definately like a new cab (was thinking of an Avatar 410, but worried about volume and sound)....basically right now I plug strait to my pre amp and play, what else can I get to shape my sound?

    I know this has probably been pretty confusing, but at leaset TRY and help a fellow player....haha, thanks
  2. Your rig sounds like it should dial in what you need with plenty of power. Make sure your speakers are in phase otherwise you will get alot of cancellation. You probably want to drive the front end of your preamp (input gain) and cut your backend (output gian) to get a warmer tone.