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    I have been playing rounds for years and have been comfortable with high action for the way I play. So 2 yrs ago I made the switch to flats and adjusted my action to Fender specs. I recently tried the D'Adarrio Chromes, even with their smooth feel and fabulous sound, I took them off because they hurt my finger tips. Then I found an article by a well known luthier, who preferes the f-boards be adjusted flat. I gave it a try and what a difference! It's not completely flat, but close; .003. I just put the Chromes back on (.045-.132) and lowered the action to 3-4/32's. These strings are much more managable, and no longer feel too stiff for the fingers. :hyper: It's amazing how a good setup can affect the way a string feels and performs. Check out Dan Erwine's (spg?) recent articles in BP.