SOLD PRICE DROP Elrick Expat Handmade eVolution 4 String Fretless

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    Elrick Expat Handmade e-volution 4-String Bass Guitar, Natural Satin Finish, Gabon Ebony Fretless Fingerboard – #1880416

    I’m the original owner who purchased from Elrick in January 2017 for $2524. It has seen very light use as fretless is not my forte. It’s in mint/as-new condition and has been kept in the case in a climate controlled environment. Upon receipt, I restrung with Thomastik Infeld flats. So, the fretboard reflects little wear from the original rounds. What little playing the bass has received has been with flatwounds (TI and Sadowsky Blue flats), although I recently put the Elrick rounds back on that shipped with the bass as I’m guessing most folks prefer rounds. Pics are with Sadowsky Blue Flats.

    Here are the Elrick specs when I purchased it. It weighs 8lbs.

    Elrick Expat e-volution Basses
    The Expat e-volution basses feature the same components and specifications found on USA Gold Series basses. US Bartolini jazz coil pickups and 3-band pre-amp with active/passive and 3-way mid-frequency. US made hardware by Hipshot. Gabon Ebony Fretless fretboard with MOP. Solid swamp ash bodies with satin finishes.

    34″ scale
    24 lined fret markers
    Swamp Ash Body
    Natural Satin Finish
    3-piece Quarter-Sawn Maple Neck
    Gabon Ebony Fretless Fretboard
    Mother Of Pearl Dots in Fingerboard
    2-way adjustable truss rod
    Bartolini Jazz pickups (Made in the USA)
    Bartolini 3-band pre-amp w/3-way mid and active bypass (Made in the USA)
    Fully shielded control cavity
    Hipshot Ultra-light tuners – Black Finish (Made in the USA)
    Elrick bridge – Black Finish (Made in the USA)
    Dunlop Dual Design strap buttons (Straplok compatible!) (Made in the USA)
    Elrick Fundamental strings (Made in the USA)
    Elrick Zero Gravity case

    Natural Satin Finish (swamp ash body)

    Here is a review of the Elrick Expat eVolution

    Asking $1800 + $75 shipping within the Continental US. Total $2070. These cost $2500 new and this bass is in mint/as-new condition.
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    Are the side dots in-between or on the line? Thanks.
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    They’re on the lines.
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