Problems with TC RH750

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Dieps17, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Dieps17


    Apr 1, 2011
    So i went to rehearsal tonight and church was colder than usual, and suddenly after we played a song or 2 i head a pop and sound went down to minimal, like a bad signal or something. Tried umplugging it checked the cables and they seem fine, so i got home and it worked fine for about 5 min and sound dropped on me again. Any thoughts? Can it be the cold room?
  2. Keldur16


    May 7, 2009
    Tallahassee Fl
    try changing the batteries if your bass is active
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  4. Rick Auricchio

    Rick Auricchio Registered Bass Offender

    Yes, you need to troubleshoot in a systematic way.

    1. Try another bass and cable.

    2. Try another speaker cable.

    3. Try another speaker cabinet.

    If none of these improves the situation, the only thing left is the amplifier.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's the battery in his bass. Check his profile.