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Promoting my band ..how ?

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by playerunk, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. We entered a battle of the bands event and now it's in the voting stages. My question is how to effectively promote the band so people will vote for us.. and not come as pushing or spam.

    the vote in questions is located at Blight vs Chiroptera - Club Taine BATTLE of the BANDS Poll and our band is Blight.

    so..any thoughts ?
  2. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    Is that Rebecca Black playing the green guitar in the Chiroptera video?

  3. abhahahahahahha

    made my day :hyper:
  4. I thought the same thing... :bag:
    Your band is very good, you'll win it.
  5. any other thoughts ?
  6. well old school ways to promote your band can still work in the modern day.

    flyer your shows and put up posters everywhere.
    start up a street team to do all the leg work.
    get your friends to wear your bands merch.
    cause a little local controversy.
    get sponsers.
    you on a indie lable?
    maby start your own indie lable.
  7. the bold one is a bit to hollywood :bag: but the other ones are good to some extent but not in this particular event.. where the people need to be at home [or at least in front of a computer] to vote, we need to bring the voting to them..and that's a hard thing to do if you don't want to spam people..you might loose some fans
  8. I'm going to upload the poll to Facebook and tell all my friends to vote for you guys. In return, if you ever come to this leg of the States, I expect us to play together :p

    ReverbNation, MySpace, Facebook, etc. Flyers. Talk to people face to face, over the phone, whatever. Just get yourself out there.
  9. For internet based battles---

    it's all about promoting shamelessly through facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube...

    do you frequent many message boards? post on there!

    Have a big family? it might be time to make that call to your grandparents that you've been putting off. tell ALL of your relatives... even that cousin that hangs out in the corner picking his nose at family get togethers.

    Make an event page on facebook! invite all your friends! (there is a code to select all your friends, google it, it will save your clicking finger.)

    When you hang out with your friends, tell them about it! have them hang out at your place, and when they do, make them vote if they havent yet, log into facebook and invite all of your friends friends using the same code!

    Street team... go out to your local hangouts and hand out hundreds of burned demos with a link to the poll written on the sleeve.

    I just won Buffalo's biggest battle of the bands and our band walked away with 5000 bucks! These methods really do work. The contest we were in went on for over 7 months... this band vs this band, etc... getting one band each week, then a live quarter final... multiplied by four to get the 4 final bands squaring off at the final live round... winners based on voter turnout.

    if you really want to win, make it a priority. devote ALL of your free time to promoting this contest and your band.

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