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    Hi all,

    To start, please forgive my relative ignorance when it comes to bass electronics. I can play 'em but really don't know much about wiring.

    That said, I got a bass (MP Jag) in the mail that has an Audere JZ3 3-band preamp in it. Upon plugging it in, I noticed a pretty loud buzzing noise once my amp was on. The second I reached down to adjust the controls, the noise stopped. I lifted my hand off and the noise started. I noticed after a few tries that as soon as I touch any part of the control plate, the noise went dead silent. I assume this to be a grounding issue but honestly have no idea how to address the issue.

    The amplifier I'm using is an old tube-driven Traynor that runs dead quiet with my passive instruments, so I figure it has to be the preamp. Any advice?

  2. Sonic

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    It is a shielding issue, the noise would get louder with a grounding issue. Give your a bass a proper shielding job and that buzz will go away. There are lots of guides on here but I am on my phone now so if you need further assistance PM me and I will share some knowledge.

    Good luck.