Radio station coming through PA

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  1. We have our band's PA system in the basement of our vocalist's church (he's also the church's pastor). The church is situated about two miles from some radio transmission towers. Lately our PA has been picking up radio signals from these towers - I recognize the station, it's a local AM station, WTAG-AM out of Worcester, MA. Does anyone know how to get rid of radio signals leaking into a PA system?
  2. banks


    Jul 18, 2006
    have you tried a feedback eliminator?
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    I've had some success minimizing radio bleed-over by attenuating a graphic EQ slider. Don't recall what the offending freq. was but I'm sure it varies case by case. FTR, the affected hardware was Hartke bass head.

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    Too bad it's not FM, then your job would be done for you!

    Sorry for not being helpful but someone had to make that joke...
  5. Try to identify which one of your inputs is acting like an antenna.
    Pull out the inputs to your mixer board and find out what makes it go away.

    You may need to get some balanced, shielded cables. Or some other
    device may need some shielding.
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    ^^^ this ^^^
    most likely an unshielded cable somewhere in your system picking up the radio signal.
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    Apr 14, 2010
    I'd definitely agree about troubleshooting each line. Just mute everything on the board and start activating channels on one at a time until the AM signal bleed turns up. If you isolate the channel(s) with interference, try swapping out the cables for shorter and/or shielded cables. Also try rerouting them away from other conductors, power lines, etc. If the AM is still there with everything muted, I'd check the line signals between the mixer and amp(s). Again, try using shorter shielded cables and rerouting them.

    For what it's worth, my home setup gets AM signal bleed from a long mic cable. I've reduced it significantly with one of the A15RF XLR RF attenuators made by Shure. The real solution to my problem will be a shorter cable. My wife's mic (same model) doesn't have that problem. She's got a 15' cheapie cable. Mine is a super expensive long Monster Cable that will go in the garbage after I get a shorter, cheaper one. The attenuator has been helpful.
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    They may have bumped up the wattage at the station? Best sort it out quick before the Spinal Tap curse gets on your guitarist ; ), I agree with better shielding.
  9. Yup. /thread.

    If it isn't one of the inputs, could be a poorly shielded connection btw the mixer and effects, or power amp.

    Could even be picking up through a piece of equipment, not the cables. No quick solution, just trial and error.

  10. TimmyP


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    Is your mixer perhaps an older Mackie? There is a mod to eliminate the problem.
  11. Don't know, I'd have to look. We have rehearsal on Wednesday night, I'll get back to you.
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    Not sure if this helps, but its interesting:

    About 50% of the time my Boss Flanger pedal plays a local radio station thru my bass amp. :eek:
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    I played a show last night, and usually use a wireless, but decided (since it was 'in the city') to use a cable instead......

    .... I had a radio station all night unless I held/touched the strings......