Rates for Lessons?

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    I've done a search on this but not come up with any solid answers.

    I have 30+ years experience as a professional and semi professional bassist and guitarist. I've reached the point in time when paid gigs are far less frequent than they used to be mostly by choice.

    Lately I've thought hard about offering something back to music in appreciation for all that's given to me. I'm in a position where I could take on a limited number of students who want to either begin learn the bass as an instrument or those who have already begun but need some lessons and encouragement to get them over a hump in their progress.

    For the moment I would only be dealing with some of the initial phases of learning to play the instrument properly, reading, listening, technique, scales, etc. and proceeding through instruction of how to play in an ensemble. I will not teaching any advanced students.

    I've begun to collect some data that would help me prepare some lesson formats I could use depending upon the students desire of what to learn and their level of competence. What I don't know yet is what the range for fees are and how most go about this. Per lesson, per week, per month etc.

    Any advice given would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm in the Northern part of Washington State so it will vary but my bass teacher charged $30 per half hour and/or $50 per hour per week. I was paying $120 per month. My friend's son is about 30 minutes South and I think he's paying $20 or $25 per half hour for guitar lessons.
  3. Going rate in East Texas is $75 to $80 for four 1/2 hour lessons per month. That works out to just about $20 for a thirty minute lesson. Been a long time since I used the guy in the back room of the music store, but, I'm sure that is somewhere in that range also.
  4. I was paying $75 for four 1/2 hour lessons a month. There are three guys teaching guitar/bass in the same shop all at the same rate.
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    Feb 12, 2010
    My 1st two instructors each charged what amounted to $1 per minute ... $30 for a half-hour & $45 for 45 minutes, respectively. Didn't really care for either one, to be honest.

    My current instructor is head & shoulders better than these previous 2 guys. And at $50 for an hour, his rate actually works out to be the "cheapest" (don't tell him that).

    Geography plays into it, as well. I'm in the north Jersey / NYC area, so it wouldn't surprise me if the rates here, or any other metropolitan area, would tend to be towards the upper end of the range. If you're near Denver/Boulder, perhaps those areas could/would support a higher rate, too. Short of asking some instructors in your area, maybe scoping out some local CL ads can give you an indication of your market.

    A beginner, though, may be more apt to suffer from sticker shock than a bassist looking for more specialized instruction. Just something to keep in mind.
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    Jun 13, 2011
    OK first of all. if youre in the Steamboat Springs area, Id love to talk more about lessons. I could use some! And, I think lessons in this are are about $30 per half hour. I hope this becomes something very satisfying for you. Good luck.
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    Oct 6, 2011
    Englewood, Colorado
    Sorry Mike I live in Denver but I'd gladly trade places with you. I love Steamboat Springs. That is one great town. A commute for weekly lessons would be tough but maybe a weekend bass camp, ;) LOL.

    Thanks to one and all for your suggestions and kind wishes. I want to help the guys just starting out either from scratch or not too far away from it. If I would have had that help early on in my career it would have saved me a lot of "learning the hard way".

    I want it to be affordable as well so that I can get students to be consistent attendees with weekly lessons. I'm thinking about $30 for a 40 minute lesson and $50 for an hour. So many times that first 10 minutes is wasted settling in, tuning and getting started so this way if it gets burned up like that it's not costing the student anything.

    Now I just need to develop a simple but effective marketing plan to let folks know I'm available. I like the thought of doing this. :)