Recommend me some bands similar to Wishbone Ash

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    I am a semi-professional musician
    I have recently gotten into the music of Wishbone Ash, and I am also a fan of Thin Lizzy (whose twin guitar sound was influenced after Phil Lynott and Gary Moore went to a Wishbone Ash concert and eventually started a twin guitar harmony band named Thin Lizzy, having been blown away by the stage presence of Wishbone Ash.) I thought some people would have a recommendation to a band that is similar to Wishbone Ash.

    I often hear people mention Uriah Heep as being in the same league as Wishbone Ash, especially since John Wetton and Trevor Bolder played bass in both of those bands. I do like Uriah Heep, and I do think that the album Demons and Wizards is the best of their catalogue. Some great playing from Gary Thain on that record.

    Anyways, I just want a good, progressive rock, twin guitar band that is similar to Wishbone Ash. One that has a great lead singer, some great songwriting, and great rhythm arrangements. If you have any recommendations please post it here.

    And if you haven't heard of Wishbone Ash and want to give their music a listen or two, look up the albums Argus and Wishbone Four on YouTube. You will be surprised at how good they were.
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    probably not considered progressive, but i think of early montrose and humble pie when frampton was in the band while reading your post…

    all those bands, as well as deep purple and grand funk railroad were my early introductions to hard rock…

    the last two i mentioned dont have twin guitars, just recalling the time period…
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    Lynott and Moore knew each other for a long time - Philo sang lead with Gary's early band, Skid Row (not *that* other Skid Row) on their first single and, when he left, bassist Brendan "Brush" Shiels took over lead vocal duties (and around the same time taught Phil how to play bass); however, Gary's three stints in Thin Lizzy occurred years later. Lizzy started incorporating twin guitar harmonies with Eric Bell, their first (and at the time sole) guitarist, overdubbing them.
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    Not that many bands in that time period persued the harmony guitar thing, except as occasional sweetening of lead breaks in the studio. As you were referencing UK related bands, I’m going to stick with that…

    Man(yes, that was their name, just Man, or the Man band)was a Welsh group…

    Many albums over there, totally unknown in the US, frontman Deke Leonard(the guy with the glasses)had some great solo albums as well…

    Man’s drummer, Terry Williams, went on to Rockpile with Dave Edmunds/Nick Lowe, and later on American John Cipollina, of Quicksilver Messenger Service, was in the band for a while.
    The Edgar Broughton Band, originally a trio, expanded to a quartet for their Oora album…

    If you would accept trios that overdubbed guitar parts, there was Gun…

    …who evolved into Three Man Army…

    …and briefly had Ginger Baker on drums in another permutation…

    The Groundhogs started as a fairly authentic blues band(they backed up John Lee Hooker for UK tours)but wisely moved on…

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    • Little Feat
    • Widespread Panic
    • The Outlaws
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    The Allman Brothers Band famously made use of the twin lead guitar arranging technique (pre-Duane's death, and occasionally later), and Wishbone Ash were frequently compared to them. (I thought it bore mentioning anyway.)
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    Disclaimer - I've only given very quick listens to the following albums. Still, they do sound promising and, despite when they came out, very much connected to early Seventies rock.

    Ashbury - Endless Skies (1983):

    There's also a couple of recent albums with old or similar material, Something Funny Going On and Eye of the Stygian Witches.

    Winterhawk - Revival (1982):

    A live album with older (1978-79) recordings, There and Back Again, is also on the 'Tube, as is a studio one from the Aughts, Wind from the Sun.

    [Note: *not* to be confused with homonymous band Winterhawk, whose albums, Electric Warriors (1979) and Dog Soldier (1980) are in a bluesier, more traditional hard rock style, yet have their (dual-lead, even) moments too.]
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