Recording bass for social media - harder attack?

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  1. Stagelab


    Dec 26, 2015
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    Since social media platforms compress the heck out of audio, I'm struggling to get my bass parts to cut through on Instagram, YT, etc. To get a better tone, besides adding mids and gain, do you play closer to the bridge with a heavier attack?

    Here's a link to my Insta page which has all my videos Login • Instagram

    And a YT clip here. An original reggae tune. Sounds better than my other videos but only cause it's full of gain. I normally wouldn't add much gain for reggae.

  2. 4andnomore


    Nov 14, 2008
    Roll off the low end, maybe bump up 800k, Check your mix on small speakers at low volume.
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  3. Boosting high mids and adding a little touch of overdrive works for me. and don’t be afraid to put the bass obnoxiously loud in the mix, when it’s awkwardly loud in headphones, it will be just right on cheap (phone) speakers.

    here are some of my bass posts on instagram to get an idea:

  4. I mix alot on a single Avantone mixcube speaker in mono. Its a small speaker with limited bandwidth that is anything but flattering. If it sounds good and punchy on that thing and my big monitors, it usually translates to any other system or format quite well.

    It seems counterintuitive to mix low frequency instruments on a speaker with no bass response but it will make you really focus on the midrange and punch of kick drums and bass guitars.
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  5. Also don’t forget to high pass the living crap out of whatever it is you’re jamming with (backing track, mp3, other instruments etc). In order to hear the bass you need to alow space for it, frequency wise. Cutting the highs on your backing track is a good idea as well since both the compression on social media websites and the cheapo speakers people listen to tend to emphasize the higher frequencies. (Which leaves you with less sonic space for your bass to be heard)