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  1. Here's a list of links that may answer FAQ's:

    Basic computer recording newbie questions:
    1/ "What do I need to be able to record my bass on my computer?"
    2/ "What does latency/ASIO/WDM/MIDI mean?"
    3/ "How do I convert CD/WAV to MP3?"
    4/ "How do I convert MIDI to WAV?"
    5/ "How do I record my minidisc / walkman audio to my PC?"
    6/ "Can I really use Pro Tools Free and get pro quality?"
    7/ "Why do people always criticise Creative Soundblaster soundcards?"
    8/ "What's the best software based drum machine?"
    9/ "Dude, I have like no cash and I need to record my band for a demo. How do I get really great results?"

    For slightly more experienced folks:
    1/ "How do I prepare for recording (2nd post in this thread contains many links)?"
    2/ Using minidisc for live recording, which one and how to (search results for different spellings) :
    3/ "Which mic should I be using?"
    4/ There is no number 4.
    5/ "Which headphones?"
    6/ Advice for starting a small home studio
    7/ Comments on various DAW standalone recorders
    8/ Soundproofing for studios
    9/ Mastering using common sequencing and editing software

    General websites with cool information:

    Good source of software for audio editting etc.

    Neat applications for Palm Pilot handhelds

    Common software:

    Audio Editors:
    Sound Forge
    Adobe Audtion (previously Cool Edit Pro)
    Audacity (*Freeware*)

    Steinberg Cubase / Cubasis etc.
    Cakewalk Sonar / Home Studio
    Emagic Logic
    Digidesign Pro Tools
    Digidesign Pro Tools Free
    Ableton Live!
    Imageline Fruityloops / FL Studio
    FASoft n-Track

    Thanks to JMX, SMASH, CS, int, moley, Treena Foster, Oysterman and others who have contributed content and ideas for this FAQ. Please feel free to add to this list, or make suggestions.
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    Thank you very much for your contribution!
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    Ditto!!! That took sometime on your part. Very helpful.

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