Regd learning proper left hand postions

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by cyberfrenzy, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. cyberfrenzy


    May 22, 2008
    I've been practising bass for around a year now, and I've just realised that my left hand technique is sub-par - especially when I try playing songs that demand constant change in hand positions. So is there a way I can change my left hand technique? I'm unfamiliar with general hand positions - watching bass players do help - but is there a general pattern to developing hand positions?

    And I'd like to know how I can improve my left hand dexterity

  2. fearceol


    Nov 14, 2006
    Start with your fingers on the 5th 6th 7th and 8th frets of the E string. Play 1234 on the E string, 2134 on the A, 3124 on D and 2413 on G.

    this link shows good left hand technique.
  3. Bongo5HH


    May 31, 2008
    good link

  4. progrmr


    Sep 3, 2008
    Columbus, Ohio
    I've been playing close to a year and I've noticed that when I make a fast transition from 3rd to 5th position, especially with a switch to a higher string, my thumb lags behind the rest of my hand on the back on of the neck. I wind up with the thumb being parallel to the neck tip pointing towards the headstock.

    I think the only way to correct it is to be aware of it and spend some extra attention points on making sure that I move the thumb correctly when making the transition.

    Just being aware of the issue is the first step, but there are some really good left hand technique videos for bass on youtube that will show you correct left hand position and movement ideas.