Replacing Skychord Truck Loud

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  1. I've decided that I'm not digging the drive character of my Truck Loud much anymore. I like how open it is, but the breakup doesn't sound quite right for using it as a low-med gain OD.

    What should I swap it for? I've been looking at the JohnK Gamma, ss/bs Mini, Vick Audio Tree of Life, Southhampton Fifth Gear, and Idiotbox Han Taun. Any word on those? I'm planning to use it as a low gain OD to use through a whole song to dirty up the signal a bit, but not hugely contrast with clean guitars. Stacking well is important too.

    Right now dirt wise I'm running a 250 as a high gain OD, Volt Thrower for distortion, Joyo American as a tube breakup/emulation type tone, and an Idiotbox BB as a dist/fuzz/noisemaker.

    I know that the Barbershop and Blueberry come up often for this sort of thing, but I'm not really a fan of what I've heard from the Barbershop, or when I tried out the Blueberry.
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    Creation Audio Grizzly does exactly what you are looking for. It kicked the Barbershop, Mini, and Blueberry...and about 10 others the curb for me.
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  3. No words for any of these?
  4. nshuman


    Sep 4, 2012
    -JohnK Gamma: nice middle ground OD. Like it.
    -SS/BS Mini: Super versatile. Cut only 2 Band EQ is great, very flexible, TONS of range.
    -SouthAmpton Fifth Gear: Amazing, small, gives you growl, will push tubes amazingly well. It's a dirty boost/growl machine, not necessary a super flexible OD
    -Haun Taun: It's a modded Klon, no experience with it, but, Klons on bass are usually kind of meh.
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  5. Sounds like a Mini or Gamma would be more up my route then. Especially since I know the Mini can do lots of high gain tones too. Excane did a demo of the HT and it sounded good, but I can't trust his demos because 1. He has a very hot signal (from playing the same pedals and not getting anywhere near the same gain) and 2. We have very different tones. That 5th gear was a recent find searching these forums. I feel like I'd wait on that so I can A/B it with a Phat Phuk B.
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    Sep 4, 2012

    The Mini has TONS of range, TONS.