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Returned to Bass after 30 years

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Mapleleaf, May 13, 2010.

  1. Reading the other posts, at 52 I'm glad I'm not on my own.. - just onto my second mid life crisis - did the sports car thing now back on the bass - its def cheaper and safer :)

    bought a bass about 4 years ago after a 30 year break and played a bit just for fun - Really got the urge again since recently relocating from UK to Canada and now taking professional lessons to relearn everything I thought I could do properly when self taught. Jeez its hard getting my fingers to co-ordinate with each other - plus I'm a lefty. trying to get my two plucking fingers alternating properly and using 1 finger per fret is challenging when al 4 are on the go- just working on the spider technique. But I'm enjoying it and looking forward to playing my favourite rock songs again - properly this time ie with the correct fingering technique.

    Currenly playing a Stagg lefty jazz bass lookalike and a Roland bass cube to practice on.

    My genre is Rock, Led Zep, Deep Purple, Queen, Cream, Pink Floyd etc but also like blues and some motown. currently relearning Badge - Cream, Sunshine of your love - Cream, Money- Pink Floyd, Another one bites the dust - Queen, Moondance - Van Morrison

    The help & tips on this forum are great, thanks.
  2. nice to see there are still a few oldies taking up bass...

    I've had a few lessons now and all I can say is they are well worth the cost! My confidence and technique are improving nicely, several bad habits I had from being previously self taught have been addressed. Its hard work and finding enough time to practice each week can be a challenge but I am enjoying learning and have a great feeling when I get a riff just right and at the right speed!
  3. BobBbass


    Oct 17, 2007
    Well, put 'er there, because I'm 56. When I played in my college days ('71-'75), we played a lot of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Doobie Bros, Quicksilver Messenger Service, etc......
    Now I don't play much (can't find guitarists, drummer) but, strangely, I have turned to putting basses together from parts.

    I admire your taking lessons. Hope they go well for you---- I once heard that one of my 'heroes' on the bass state that he wished he would have taken lessons rather than his home-made way of playing.

    Getting my plucking hand is the hardest thing for me; plus, I've learned that I "push" other instruments --- I hit the beat a little quick rather than in the middle of the beat. Didn't use to do that, but I guess that's one of my side-effects of getting older.....
    Good luck to you!

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