reversed vomit exercise?

Discussion in 'Orchestral Technique [DB]' started by Edvin, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Edvin


    Feb 25, 2010
    Has anyone tried it?
    Does it do any good?
  2. Silevesq


    Oct 2, 2010
    What is the reversed vomit exercise?

    Like any exercise I think there is pros and cons, the questions is can you make it worth!
  3. Jeremy Darrow

    Jeremy Darrow

    Apr 6, 2007
    Nashville, TN
    Endorsing Artist: Fishman Transducers, Aguilar Amplifiers, Ear Trumpet Labs
    I've heard them called "Dry Heaves". I don't do them, but a good friend of mine, who has a successful teaching studio likes them. I imagine they are helpful in complimentary ways to the vomits.

    I think vomits are very helpful, so I should probably be doing dry heaves as well.
  4. Edvin


    Feb 25, 2010

    This exercise but i thought of turning it around, always go up to an A4 (440) and move up from two octaves down.