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    This should be a quick review...

    Short Version: Excellent product. Buy one for all of your acoustic electric instruments if you ever use a strap on them. Particularly if you prefer using strap locks like I do.

    Long version: The Music Nomad Acousti-lok allows you to convert your endpin jack into a Schaller strap lock compatible strap button.

    This is a new product and I have seen nearly nothing on it. I stumbled on it when trying to figure out a better way than the giant endpin jack to attach the strap to my Emerald Balor bass. I mostly play the bass sitting down, but want the option. I found the Music Nomad Acousti-lok. They come in three sizes and should fit most acoustic electric instruments with endpin jacks. Install is simple. Unscrew the endpin strap mount (endpin has another retaining nut so it should just be a second piece that you are unscrewing). Then screw on the Acousti-lok. You may need to adjust your endpin mount to get everything lined up in the right place, but mine required no adjustment. Everything seems durable and I doubt I have any issues since it is made of brass.

    That is it for the Acousti-lok. Installing the second Schaller strap button was harder than the Acoustic-lok for me. Emerald does not use wood screws like the ones Schaller includes with their buttons. I had to buy the old design Schaller buttons (new ones have screws built in and not removable). I then had to buy a machine screw and matching nut/washer and grind the head down enough to fit in the button.

    Manufacturer link: Strap Lock Adapter for Acoustic Guitars with Standard Output Jacks - Acousti-Lok by MusicNomad - Music Nomad (note I have no affiliation, I just think this is a great product that should have existed before now)



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