Review: Sola Sound Bum Fuzz Unit

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by DosiYanarchy, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've been dying for another Tonebender for ages and Macari's finally released one that's under £150 and I'm loving it. Low end is great, it's similar to the Russian big muff in alot of ways.

    No led, only runs on batteries, input and output are on the right hand side and it's massive but it's a great "utility" fuzz on guitar and bass. I really love the visual tribute to the old B&M Champion Fuzz and I'm really taken with it.

    I did a little demo on YouTube:

    I'm gonna start doing some more demos shortly as I've got quite a collection and this is a fun project to work on. I think a fuzz shootout between this, my Death By Audio Fuzz War, Greer Super Hornet and Jext Telez Dizzy Tone would be sweet. upload_2018-8-26_8-29-31.gif IMG_20180814_204115.jpg
  2. Awesome!! I hope to get one from the next batch
  3. I like that! Warm and fuzzy. :) Nice demo!
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  4. Thank you!
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  5. Fuzzonaut


    Aug 27, 2013
    Currently in stock.
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  6. Hi, have you ever compared it with a Sonic VI Champion Fuzz? Many thanks!
  7. Actually, not directly but I had one years ago.I obviously can't do a direct comparison but it wouldn't surprise me if they were very very very similar. The BUM fuzz does look like the original Champion Fuzz but it is, I think, their current production TC (thin case) Tonebender without the power and LED that the current TC Tonebender has (the old TC Tonebender didn't have them and I think this replaced it).
    Whether there was actually a difference between the Tonebender and the champion fuzz (and therefore the Sonic Vi) I'm not sure but I would essentially treat them as identical.
  8. Many thank. I've asked because I really love the Sonic VI in terms of sound, but it seems that I need more volume output. Maybe the Bum could preserve the same tone and also add a little bit of extra volume...
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