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Reviving a battered Squier affinity p

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Soverntear, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Soverntear


    Mar 17, 2008
    Ahh the first bass, got it in trade for my exs acoustic guitar. it came with a big nasty crack in the neck. now that same neck is warped. ive decided to revive this p. the plan is to replace everything except the body(black with a couple war wounds). below is the list of parts im planning.

    Bridge: Badass 2
    Pup's: SD 1/4 pounder
    Pickguard: bright white or mirrored
    Neck: MIM fender p or MIA if i can ever find one
    Machine Heads(if not on neck): hipshot
    Knobs: ok not everything is going

    any suggestions on comparably priced stuff to consider? i also have now idea what preamp to use. also what pots should i use (i want standard p controls) any suggestions on input jacks? anything else im not thiniking of that could be a good idea? im trying to get a good bass for punk going.
  2. Dee_01


    May 19, 2007
    Any idea what kind of wood the body is made from?
  3. Soverntear


    Mar 17, 2008
    no idea, but if someone can tell me a way to figure that out im all for it. i will say its one heavy bass
  4. Soverntear


    Mar 17, 2008
    also what type of nut would ad to a punk rock tone?
  5. Strongjag


    Aug 14, 2005
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Endorsing Artist: Beards.
    Just to let you know, I had an old affinity Jazz that I defretted. Went to buy a bunch of new parts and the neck pocket is NOT the same as my MIM.
  6. Soverntear


    Mar 17, 2008
    strongjag, thanks for the tip, ill remember to get it measured
  7. mrkreuzschlitz


    Jun 30, 2008
    Dacula, GA
    Get a Neutrik locking jack. :)
  8. Godbody


    May 27, 2008
    Whatever type of nut you can steal. That will make it infinitely more punk.
  9. Body's alder. I'm actually doing the EXACT same thing with my beat-to-hell Squier Affinity P, but I'm keeping the original neck and slapping on a W/B/W pickguard.

    For Punk, you don't need a preamp. Period. I would suggest however investing in a replacement capacitor, and possibly even some new pots if you feel so inclined. The Squier electronics can be a little iffy. Better safe then sorry IMO.
  10. Chinguschild


    Apr 17, 2006
    Chico, Cali
    I have a affinity p bass I am bringing up to the playability of my old bass. Its not beat up or anything close but I will be following this thread to see what issues you all run into before I tackle mine
  11. Soverntear


    Mar 17, 2008
    again thanks all for the suggestions

    godbody, yes yes it would be more punk if i stole it, lol but seriusly which nut materials would help sustain/ give a beefier tone?

    mrkreuzschlitz good choice on jack, now if i get a mogami platinum cable will the two jacks cause each other any problems?

    SundanceChile thanks for the body ID. was wondering how i would figure that out. glad to hear another squire revive is happening. id keep my neck, but the neck is the whole reason im doing this. its messed up serious. no preamp eh? will i still be able to use my knobs? or do you mean keep the stock one in there? as for the capacitor/pots i do want to redo all the guts in it with new parts. so which preamp or pots/cap will work best in there for some punk.
  12. Chinguschild


    Apr 17, 2006
    Chico, Cali
    There is no pre amp. That entire bass works in a passive manner. Your volume knob obviously only cuts volume. You tone know also can only cut frequencies. An active preamp can cut AND boost frequencies many time over various eq bands.

    Mine will be getting an active preamp. Im looking at a Bartolini setup.
  13. BioDriver

    BioDriver A Cinderella story

    Aug 29, 2008
    Austin, TX
    You can buy Highway 1 necks on the 'bay for cheap.
  14. Gintaras


    Dec 11, 2004
    Kent Island, Md.
    don't forget to get a high quality wiriing harness. I bought one from Bayou Cables. Also you might want to read posts on the G&L SB@ pbass pup and the Dimarzio P. I have the G&L and it is hot and punchy.
  15. For the money you'll spend, you can buy a used MIM bass and forget about doing the work.
  16. Soverntear


    Mar 17, 2008
    see i thought there was preamps in passive basses, thanks for the tip. gonna keep it passive

    are there any real differences between the Highway 1 necks and the MIA standard neck? also on a whole whats the difference between a highway one and an ameican standard?

    Gintaras ill also look in to to the wiring harness. many things i must talk with my guitar tech about. gonna read the posts on those pups too. imstill a bit new to bass so im not too farmilliar with those pups. too many choices out there.

    Pilgrim, i know ill spend allot less on a MIM pbass, but im not going for that. its my first bass and as it stands its unplayable, so instead of just letting it die on a wall in my house id rather make a crazy passive p out of it and still be able to use it. sure its just the body/knobs that will be original but its just sentimental. plus it allows me to try out building
  17. ojo


    Jun 12, 2006
    Round Lake
    HA! I just got one of these myself on the cheap as a project bass (read: defret and route for a J pup in the bridge). Mine is super lightweight though, and a very soft wood cuz most of the screws are stripped.

    The only things that the bass probably could use is different pots and maybe a different pickup, but if you don't like the tone (or it's shot).

    Good luck!
  18. Soverntear


    Mar 17, 2008
    ojo, the tone is solid but i feel it needs some more balls to it. also im in a diff boat my p is heavy as all can be.

    decided im going with the bayou cables prewired p harness and possibly the orange drop capacitor
  19. Soverntear


    Mar 17, 2008
    shameless bumping
  20. Godbody


    May 27, 2008
    Don't worry about the nut material, it won't have a big effect on tone. Bone, brass, plastic, whatever; its not worth worrying about, because it won't matter.

    I'd get a 500k vol pot and bypass the tone pot; no advice on caps from me.

    Frankly, I'd worry more about your amp and its settings for getting a beefed tone. IMO, I'd be concerned with your Squire's playability over its tone.

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