Rockbag for thunderbird!

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  1. BirdThunder


    Dec 9, 2013
    New York
    So I just got my new classic-IV pro bird, plays like a dream though the set up is high, easily adjusted, so I ordered a warwick rockbag for buzzard/beast and they said it fits the thunderbird with it, but holy cow it's fooken huge. But it's well padded, got a neck/headstock strap and cushion in there with a hidden pocket, shoulder saving strap which is wide and nice. it's got 1.5inches allowance on the sides, and 2-3.5 inches at the bottom for your bird, my problem is I need a smaller one, why? cause I'm short (5'6) and the case is up to my nose. Here's some pics

    EDIT: >here's the exact bag i bought. though I got it from amazon cause, 'MURICA!

    *sidenote: I'd rather get the extra thick thunderbird bass bag from Amazon by India, it's designed for the thunderbird so I guess it's gonna be more snug you just have to DIY reinforce it with industrial foams and pvc lining.
  2. I had that exact bag back when I was gigging a T-Bird a lot. Good bag, but you are right...huge

    Also used a Ritter bag that fit snuck and (while a little less padded) was easier to manage
  3. LAST_C


    Apr 26, 2013
    Hi there.

    I just received my gig bag for my Blackbird. It's not the Rockbag but a cheaper alternative. It took a while to get here but it was worth the wait. It fits my Blackbird just fine. I'd say it has like 1/2 or 3/4 inch padding, the handle seems to be reinforced and it has like a rubber base at the bottom. I paid $44.95 plus shipping and I already plan to buy another one for my Epi.

    I wish it had more padding in the headstock area, but since I plan to be very careful with it, I'm not concerned. It comes with 2 pockets and, that's pretty much it. i'm happy because the difference between caring the hardshell case and the gig bag is huge. Finally I can put it inside my car's trunk. Here's the pic:


    I'll add more pics later today.

    I don't know what brand it is, but here's the kink for those interested.
  4. Larry V

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    Did you sell it?
  5. BirdThunder


    Dec 9, 2013
    New York
    I returned it to the seller, good thing I got free returns in Amazon. I bought the one mentioned above, more fitting, less padding.