Routing Tele Bass cavity?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Rob Rogers, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Rob Rogers

    Rob Rogers

    Nov 29, 2014
    I have a 54 Reissue Telecaster Bass.
    I have the Seymour Dunkin Double pole pickup installed.
    As far as screwing the PU as deep as possible. Covering with gaffers tape etc, I am still getting a metallic clacking sound when I dig in deep with my playing.
    I want to route the pickup location approximately 1/8" down . This will give me additional clearance with the pickup and the strings.
    What is the easiest ,best way to do this on my own. Most of the people are understandably cautious about routing.
    Any solid suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. There's a couple of options. You could make a pattern in MDF or something similar using a laminate trimmer router bit then use the pattern and a pattern follower bit to route deeper. However, I have a pattern follower bit that the cutter part is only about 1/2" long which should be short enough that the bearing can just ride on the side if the pickup route. I think it came from woodcraft but there are other options. You do get what you pay for in router bits though.

    I'm assuming you have some experience with routers. If not, get some scrap wood and practice.
  3. Templates are completely unnecessary. The OP just wants to make an existing route deeper, so the existing route will serve as the template for a pattern follower bit. All that is needed is a router and a pattern follower bit. (And preferably also a drill, unless the router has a plunge attachment.)

    With that being said, that does not necessarily make the job easy. The OP will need access to the tools, and will need to be comfortable with using them. It is often safest to pay a professional.
  4. I suppose another option is to clear as much wood as possible using a drill and Forstner bit, and then finish the job with a chisel. This method is nearly foolproof, provided that you are careful with your chisel. (You don't want any accidental damage to the top of the bass.)
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    Plunge router with a short pattern bit. Masking tape on the top of the body to prevent scuffs.

  6. I agree, the pattern isn’t necessary. That’s why I mentioned the short pattern follower bit.

    I was just trying to give some options, plus, I’d probably want to make a pattern from the existing route to have for later but I’m odd that way.:D

    Also, +1 on ctmullins suggestion of taping the body to protect it.