Ruben Rodriguez is so badass

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by gimmeagig, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. Check out this session. Ruben has it going on. I usually get a bit tense when I record, i wish I had some of his confidence. I need to learn to relax more in the studio.
    Also, I noticed that Ruben's bass must have pretty low action. I hear a lot of buzz when the bass is soloed. But it the track you can't hear it. Maybe I should lower my action and not worry about buzzing so much.
  2. Joshua

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    Aug 23, 2000
    One of my faves. I found about about him through Conrad Herwig's various "Latin Side of..." releases and love everything I hear by him. Great vid!
  3. Phat Nick

    Phat Nick

    Mar 14, 2018
    Yeah,great player! I have an album he did with his band Overproof,”three guys walk into a bar”...there’s some awesome bass playing on it
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  5. Ruben is awesome! A heckofva nice dude too!
  6. I totally enjoy guys like Michael Pipoquina,Damien Erskine, Richard Bona, Ney Conceicao,Carles Benavent and I try to learn from them but they are so technical that most of it is unattainable for an old guy like me.
    But what Ruben does I can wrap my head around. He is one of my favorite guys right now. He has skills that are probably more useful in a regular musical environment. No frills in the pocket beautiful bass playing. And that tone....
  7. Ruben has done alot of high profile "pop" oriented gigs as well as jazz. DLG, India etc. I believe he is a member here.
  8. Is he here under his own name? What is DLG?
    I have him on some Marc Anthony CDs ,India, Nestor Torres, Carribean Jazz project. I'm sort of a music hoarder and when I like and artist I tend to get as much by that person as possible.I looked at Ruben's discograph and he is on a ridiculous amount of recordings. I don't know where to start.
    Can you recommend any CDs that he's on which are "must haves"?
  9. I cant remember exactly. It was back in the early days of TB (early 2000s), hopefully I am not making this up! I had contacted him as I was planning to go to NY for a bit when my grant came through. I figured I would grab lessons from a bunch of guys I dug. I got some steady gigs in town so I didnt make the NY trip (REGRET it!) and never got a lesson.

    DLG Dark Latin Groove. Very poppy, at least to the usual stuff I listen to. I think he may have been their MD on the road. (Once again, my brain may be tricking me)
  10. I believe the user here: Rodriguez is Ruben. Not showing any activity since the end of 2016 though.
  11. Check out Ronnie Cuber’s Live at Jazzfest Berlin with the late great Kenny Drew Jr on keys and Ruben on bass. Excellent!
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  12. I will, thanks
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