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Sansamp + Darkglass Vintage Ultra??

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by caesarspalace, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. Hey all,
    I’ve been using a BDDI for ages for my base tone, kinda grindy and clanky but not really distorted. Lately I’ve been aiming for woolier (?) driven tones by using Neural DSPs Darkglass suite on the Vintage setting instead.

    Some time after, I found myself using them together, keeping the Sansamp tone but fixing its mid scoop with the Darkglass EQ and turning the OD on when necessary.

    Should I just go ahead and get the real Vintage Ultra and use both together or do you guys think there’s a better set up/pedals for what I’m doing?
  2. gpTron


    Dec 15, 2020
    If you like it then keep using it. I really liked using my B7K Ultra with heavy drive going into my VT Bass. I set the VT flat and since it has built in cab sim, it "warmed" up the B7KU. It was a great combo. Reminded me of Brown Album era Primus.
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  3. Cool! Seems like you did some reverse version of what I was thinking of
  4. Wretched Banana

    Wretched Banana

    Mar 7, 2020
    MA, US
    I do X7 into VTDI. With some Boss EQ 200 / Source Audio EQ2 support it covers everything from reggae to city pop to death metal. I’m a big proponent of anything DG into Tech21, it works.
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