Sansamp Para Driver noise - alternatives?

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  1. I really love the convenience of having my amp far away from me on stage and running an XLR with phantom power to my Para Driver DI, kept close to me. I can adjust the volume and tweak my sound but still have the amp a ways away. Powering the Sansamp with 48V from my Clarus works well because I just run a single XLR with no need for a wall-wart.
    The problem is that I'm getting lots of noise (static, hiss, pops) through my rig when the Sansamp is powered by phantom. I've tried different cables, pickups, gain settings, and the noise is still there. It goes away if I power the Sansamp from a wall-wart but it totally kills the convenience factor. I'm still waiting (not holding my breath) for a response from Tech21 regarding this noise.

    So I'm wondering if there are alternative preamps that I could try that meet my 3 requirements:

    -able to be powered by 48V phantom power
    -parametric or semi-paramentric mid control
    -high impedance input (optimized for piezo)

    Any one have any suggestions? The Headway EDM-1 would be great except it has a fixed-band mid EQ. The Radial Tonebone piezo stuff looks awesome except they require a wall-wart.

    Thanks in advance!
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    If you love the para driver, why not just use a 9V battery and keep an extra one in the bag just in case?

    The only PITA with sansamp is having to take the cover off to change the battery.
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    I've had noise in a few situations where I used my Para driver only using a 9 volt. For some reason I've found the wall wart to be the quietest way to use the Para, unless I have good phantom power.