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Schecter C series bass review.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Tigerclaw_x, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Tigerclaw_x


    Apr 25, 2016
    I already had a schecter C4 bass, and it got recently joined by schecter C5 bass.
    Both were bought used from Reverb and Ebay. Both were made in 2005. The reason I bought them is because I had ebay and reverb gift cards given to me by friends. Did I need more basses? No. But there is not much I wanted on ebay or reverb so I got them

    The good:
    1. Holy crap. Necks on both of them is FLAWLESS. Straight as an arrow and FLAWLESS. This is on TWO basses which are over 12 years old.
    2. Frets. BOTH had ZERO unglued/risen frets. C4 had a 22 fret that caused little buzzing when I got action super low. Fret rocker revealed that is is a bit higher. It didn't raise, as I couldn't press it in. 3 minutes with fret file - Perfect.
    3. Sound. It is very interesting. I had a chance to compare C4 and C5 with ESP B4E and B5E. Both made of mahogany with maple top cap. Both had EMG HZs in them. B4E have heavier bridge and are neck through. Schecters are not. THe bridge is pretty craptacular on C4. B4 have deeper fuller tone. C4 have a bit more "hollow" tone for it. Not bad not worse, just DIFFERENT. Excellent sound.

    The bad: NOTHING. I mean UTTERLY nothing. C5 had problems with nut it seems it is cut too deep on 2 strings. and it buzzed on D and A strings on OPEN string only. But heck. For 250 bucks? I will take it.

    What I did NOT like about Schecters. There are TWO things which I liked on ESP basses (B4, and B204) better. a) MUCH better and heavier bridge. The S-Tek bridge is a royal PAIN in the rear to adjust and they are (there are several individual bridges) seem rather... flimsy. b) ESP bass comes with 3 band Equallizer. Schecter have Vol Vol, and 2 band EQ.All in all considering C4 and C5 TOGETHER cost me 500 dollars and that also included ONE hard case and 2 straps. I am not complaining. Schecter basses, both of them, even being 12 years gold have PERFECT neck, have PERFECT frets, and BOTH came with EMG-HZ pickups out of the box, the pickups that both Schecter and EMG nowadays put on their higher end basses.

    I have now 3 Schecter basses. Raiden P/J and C4 and C5. I can't say enough good things about them. Frets. Neck. Flawless on all 3 basses. Thank you Schecter. Thank you to both sellers who sent to me the bass which was EXACTLY how they described it. The only thing that I will change is that I will put a heavier bridges on them. Not fault of Schecter or sellers:)...

    I am thinking either getting Ibanez or ESP bridges. It is also interesting on how the change in pickup position (neck pickup on C4 is a bit forward than that on a Stilletto and on ESP LTD B series basses) changes the tone a bit... Literally 10mm difference in positioning.

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