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Schecter Hellscat VI - best strings ?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by eateachother, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I'm Jeff, and this is my first post.

    I was trying to get in to ask some opinions on the Hellcat VI and the Gretsch Jet Baritone, both come tuned E-E one octave below a regular tuned 6 string guitar. (BTW, what would that be called techinacally, an alto guitar? - Now I must know).

    Just today I went to a local music shop, and before I left the guy had gone down to $556 total to order it for me, HE paid the tax, though I have to wait up to 3 weeks now. But hey, I can do that for 44 bucks in relatively hard times. I have to pick it up, but there's a great place to get falafel right next door, so ***.

    I mostly play bass in my band, a little guitar, and I write on both. I recently discovered what I had decided to get, a baritone guitar, with the B-B tuning(I probably wouldn't do A-A regularly). It will, when I do get one soon, spark some new creativity in my song writing, especially when working with the normal tuned guitar. Our guitarist has an actual '72 Telecaster. I just found out those are pretty valuable.

    Anyway, these fora have been indispensable in my quest to pick the right guitar. I don't really need the low B or the modern 6 string bass, though I looked at 7 string basses.

    I tend to write old sounding songs, and like the tic tac, surf, country styles, but will certainly discover some of the more metal applications possible with baritone and the Bass VI type Schecter.

    SO... What's best for the money, the Fender set of strings, with the 95 on the bottom, or will the 84 bottom of the D'Addario set they claim is for guitar OR bass VI?

    I know the 95 will be a better BASS string, but do you lose some twang that way?

    Do you lose the bass fullness with the 84 guage?

    Just wanted some opinions if you guys got any.

    I really have enjoyed having this Resource, without which I would now be waiting for a new Gretsch, which seems to have more bugs than the Schecter.
  2. I am waiting for my hellcat on order as well and then 2 popped up on ebay within the week - a black one and a sunburst one. Both are buy it now, one is 500, the other 525. Sorry I didn't answer your string question but maybe you can buy the ebay one and get it sooner.
  3. I saw that black one, which is the one I wanted, but my wife convinced me to go with a new one. That $500 one on ebay is used, isn't it? Looks good, but I already bought this thing from a local dealer, no tax, so be it, I'm content but I appreciate the heads up. I didn't notice the $525 one. Sorry to start off with that question, I didn't see the FAQ page until today. In fact I am only now going to read it, so this reply may be another mistake for all I know. Thanks, Hypercarrots.
  4. Yeah, these threads I did read already, and they both actually influenced me heavily in considering which guitar to buy. I haven't found all the exact answers I have been looking for, but there's some good discussion and other answered questions. I was hesitant to post before I got the new instrument. Last night I sent a message to Schecter asking them what set they will send on it. This will help me decide later, after I try the D'Addario, GHS and Fender sets for myself. I jam econo, so I was hoping to stay with a cheaper set, but how often do I break a string nowadays? It'd be worth spending the extra for some nice ones, maybe La Bella... I'lll just have to see. Maybe someone with an opinion will chime in. Or perhaps I missed a post with my answer.
  5. Schecter informs me that the standard set is the same as the fender Bass VI, but they are made "for us" by SIT, who does not appear to sell them to the public so far as I can tell. That means the D'Addario may be a little too floppy on the bottom.


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