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Setting Up A Stereo System

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by CityEscape, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Hi there, I've been wanting to put together a good sounding stereo system, and I've got some equipment but don't understand how to use it, or even its purpose.

    In short, I mainly want to be able to use my turntable in this set up, with the option of plugging in an iPod as well.

    Equipment I have:
    Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Power Amplifier M-70
    Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Control Amplifier C-70
    Yamaha Natural Sound AM/FM Stereo Tuner T-70 (Pretty sure this is just a radio)
    Audio Technica Turntable

    If someone could offer any knowledge, from the purpose of the equipment to how to transform this stuff into a badass system, I'd appreciate it.
  2. In a past life, I was a wannabe audiophile. Then I discovered live music and playing. Let's see what I can do for you. The tuner and turntable should plug into the control amp, usually known as a pre-amp. The pre-amp acts as the control for the system. It plugs into the power amp, as do the speakers. Except for the speakers, all pieces plug into the wall. You will need RCA connectors to plug the tuner into the pre-amp and, IIRC, the pre-amp to the power amp. RCA plugs are like the one that should be attached to the turntable, if you are not familiar with them. Lampcord will be adequate for connecting the power amp to the speakers. Set up the speakers so that your chair will be mid-way between them. Have something solid to place the turntable on.

    Now go find some good records to play. You may be able to add a CD player to this system.
  3. PuffusMaximus


    May 31, 2011
    You should plug the power amp into the "switched" outlet on the back of the pre amp so that both units turn on when you turn on the pre amp. You could do that with the turntable as well if it is only two pronged. In the unswitched outlet, whatever is plugged in can turn on without the preamp being on. In the switched, it can't.
    To play an ipod you'll need an RCA male to 3.5mm male adapter (or female if you want to use a specific auxiliary cord). That will plug into either aux 1 or 2 on the back of the unit
  4. Thanks guys, I'll see what I can do.

    Magnetic phono cartridiges have a lower output than cd players, tuners, or anything else you might want to plug into your stereo. The pre-amp has a step-up stage for this built into it at the phono input. Plug anything else in there and you WILL fry your tweeters. All other souce inputs are interchangable, i. e., you can plug a cd player into a tape input. While you're at it, make absolutely sure that turntable has a magnetic cartridge. I can't imagine an Audio Technica TT having anything else, but if you are not sure, have a tech person look at it or see what model it is and google it. Actually, having the the look at the turntable, anyway. The better it's set up, the better your records will sound and the longer they will last.

    Please do not think you are asking a stupid question if you need to ask. Better to ask someone than wreck something. Vinyl records will take you to places no other medium will.

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