Shootout : Sovtek Big Muff, Univox Super Fuzz, Boss HM-2

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    Sep 6, 2016
    Video :

    Well well well. I bought all of them for guitar but they are still great with bass too.
    EHX by Sovtek Green Russian Big Muff - real classics, great box but it steals highs from you signal being turned off. So you should put it in a loop or make a true-bypass mode. Sounds cool into the most of the bass or guitar amps. But if you are pluging your bass into it - everything depends on your cab, yep it can sound like a crap through some cabinets. You got to dial tone knobs carefully, its easy to some hissy fizzy sound on high freqs.

    Univox Super Fuzz - legendary stuff. I can`t say it suits for a lot of music styles, but if you need that sound of a crushing mountain - you will get it with superfuzz. Just don't know what to add :D

    Boss HM-2 - mostly known as the spirit of swedish death metal. But if you roll off "high" a bit - then you'll get that fat and heavy tone. Something between fuzz and distortion. My personal favourite!

    P.S. in case if you're interested to read and hear about matamp gt-200 , please welcome :
    Matamp GT200 review + pix & vid
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    Jun 14, 2007
    Three classic dirt pedals, liked all three.
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  3. I love the way the Super Fuzz sounds on bass.
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    The HM-2 is not only the rumoured sound of the entire Dopethrone album by Electric Wizard, but is also the secret sauce of Godflesh's JC Broderick.
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    Jan 21, 2006
    The Muff wins for me - great sound going here.
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