Shows in Chicago or Milwaukee

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Das Jugghead, Apr 29, 2022.

  1. Hey fellow low-enders. We are playing the Fire Over the Fox festival on July Fourth in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We are traveling up from Indianapolis and are looking to pick up a show in Chicago or Milwaukee.

    If anyone has any leads on reputable promoters or good venues to get in touch with we would be most grateful. With the madness of the past couple of years, being off to record our third album, and going through a few member changes, we have kind of fallen off the radar with the talent buyers we normally work with. At this time as we rebuild our book of business we thought it might be good to try and connect with some new people. We play in Green Bay several times a year so this would not be a one-time deal.

    Feel free to inbox me if you don't feel comfortable posting information publicly.

    Many thanks in advance.